The SynthaSite is headquartered in the United States. Wellcome to the Synthasite! I' d like to take this chance to welcome you to the Synthasite family. In the coming week and month we will keep building on an interesting basis that we just released - as Alpha Release. Yes, we know it's not perfect.

..not yet, and we need YOUR help to make Synthasite the de facto web publishing industry default.

We look forward to creating our user and developer communities and critically questioning your comments in this context. Alpha gives you a foretaste of what's to come - and we will keep improving things like ease of use, performance, functions and functions - little by little! Welcome to the future of softwares - the web!

Synthasite, an AJAX-based web publication plattform, today evolved from stemware. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, the 6-person start-up was recently hived off from the withincuBeta group as an independent business that will be focused on providing a world-class web-based web publication sofware solution focused specifically on widgets and mashups.

The Synthasite looks and feel like desktops but stays deeply embedded in the web browsers without relying on client-side technologies. The Synthasite is also being explored in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, which theoretically makes it possible to be indefinitely scaleable, although account sizes will at first be local. Currently Synthasite is financed by Lingham Capital, incuBeta and Miombo Capital, all of which are South African domiciled investments companies.

No SynthaSite anymore -- Website Builders now known as Yola

As of today, the free website developer SynthaSite has a new name - Yola. Normally I don't waste my free moment wondering about my own brand-name unless a corporate name is incredibly silly. However, I was a little baffled about the move, as SynthaSite seems like a much more clear and evident name than Yola, and the San Francisco firm has already achieved a million subscribers under the old name.

Indeed, at the moment you won't be able to sign up for any Yola sub-omains at all, only SynthaSite domain names and user-defined domain names that you are paying Yola for. Of course, given the considerable investments we have just made, we have big ambitions for the Group. While SynthaSite is a great name for our website creation software we do not believe that the trademark will translate very well to by-products that we may bring to market in the near-term.

I am not a big supporter of having several different makes in a rapidly expanding niche store (it's different in ripe stores - several makes allow more "shelf space"), so in order to build our own strong identity in our next generation range of goods and service, we had to choose a make that could translate the value of the make from one store to another, in which case "SynthaSite" doesn't work as well as "Yola".

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