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Wordpress Takeaway Theme

QickFood - Delivery or take-away of food WordPress theme. The WP theme for food delivery services can give your business a head start on the web. is a grocery store and takeaway food WordPress theme. QickFood - Delivery or take-away of food WordPress theme.

Supply or take-away of food WordPress theme by veratheme

The QuickFood is a WordPress theme for delivery or takeaway restaurants.... It can be just as easily adapted to your needs, replacing pictures and text. A QuickFood with eight different models. Wordpress theme is fast reacting, you can also see it in the mobile/tablet device and it looks very much in more device. Let " QuickFood " take our topic to the next level.

Below you will find some samples of everything that is possible with the help of QuickFood - Delivery or Takeaway Food WordPress Theme: With the help of the Demonstration Software you will be up and running in a few seconds and prepared to adapt your website. High-quality multi-function slide control for building picture galeries, slide controls, and stunning slide shows with special effect that you need to see from your WordPress post and page.

The Visual Composer for WordPress is a pull & fall plug-in for front end and back end page builders that saves you a lot of working hours on website contents. It is a fully reactive theme for all types of equipment. This theme offers a very simple and extensive range of theme choices to help you make things around your site easier to customize and change.

Customize the look and feel of your website with the Google Font Booklets provided. You can use our Topic radio button to modify the font styles for your torso, head, headline and menus. VIDEOSHIP ON THE SUBJECT. Simple set-up with demo content. High performance design dashboard. Changlog: - Visual Composer Plugin Updated Version: .

  • Add article ordering option (if you click the Plus button) . - for customer orders with payment: - refresh file: functions.php, style.css, css/style.css, single-menuus. cit, js/ajax.js, template_part/checkout.php, template_part/order-restaurant.php . and refresh plugin: quick-food-common.zip v1.3. - Retype search with zip code . - Fixed Errors Responsiveness With The Cell Phone .
  • Changing the method of payment: paying with cash. - How to troubleshoot the rating in a single restaurant and restaurant. - Updating the results search on the home page. - Upgrading other PayPal method currency. - Release Visual Composer version 4.12.1. - Corrected Checkout page updated. - Up-dating the order payments list in the backend.
  • Use the new Google Map with a new application programming interface.

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