Talking Father Christmas

Speaking Santa Claus

Animated talking Gemmy SANTA STUCK IN CHIMNEY Christmas figure novelty toy. Talking Santa Claus reading eve before Christmas storybook. In other languages, what is Santa's name? Look at the Santa Claus and Christmas Worldwide page.

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MOVING HIS HEAVY MIND AND READS TWO DIFFERENT TALES. Previous owner of "Santa Reader Me a Story " Animated musical Christmas figure of AVON Causaian Place a Christmas figure in a magic Christmas story at ? Put a little bit of a magic finger on a bird and hear exactly how he is moving his mind back and forth as he gives you a Christmas.... Gedmy 50" big chanting and talking Santa Claus.

Talking / Animation SANTA STUCK IN CHIMNEY Novelties Toys from GEMMY. Press the front panel and Santa will step on his feet. Needs two AA rechargeable battery packs, not supplied. Talking Santa Claus Eve before Christmas with storybook read aloud. He works with 3 carbon battery, which are not part of the delivery. Christmas Santa Claus by Gemmy, who turns, flexes and takes down his trousers, says: "If you see that you've been particularly good this year, Santa Claus has an additional treat in store for you" (h......

Animated Santa Claus ~ Mounting Santa Claus ~ Lectures! Father Christmas wears a velours suite with red velvet and is decorated with white furs. If you press the knob, Santa says, "Ho Ho Ho, Seeing as you have been ext...". Requires 3 AA battery packs, not supplied. Father Christmas is in his box, but looks as if he had been opened.

Talkging Santa begins to speak as you approach and play 3 Christmas melodies..... Quite decent giggle international rock Santa who is reading Twas The Night Before Christmas. He opens his jaw and leanes right and right as he is reading. Grouchy Santa Claus from Tekky Toys. Squeeze your hands and Santa says grouchy things.

"It' been a tough year for Santa Claus." "Here is your Christmas joy. (burps)." It speaks when you press its hand. This talking Santa head is motion enabled and begins to speak when you get close to it and then play a Christmas tune as the Holly Berries on the door.....

Additional light source not supplied. Father Christmas is 27" in size on a synthetic pedestal. THE SANTA CLAUSE ANIMATIONATED TALKING ILLUMINATED. The Red Nosed Reindeer Talking About Santa Claus The Ultimate Action Figure.

If you press the knob on his wrist, Santa Claus will speak. 2 AA battery (not supplied). THE 2AA BATTERY IS NOT REQUIRED AND IS NOT PART OF THE DELIVERY. Speaks and says things from the movie.

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