The Taskerr connects people who need work with others who are willing to do it. Offers Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for all Appthemes Premium Themes - Classipress, Vantage, JobRoller, Clipper, Taskerr, HireBee, Ideas, etc. WorldPress Micro Jobs Theme - Download Taskerr for $25.

Create a job market and earn cash today! AppThemes Taskerr allows shoppers to find a provider. What makes Taskerr the best WordPress Media Center? Bill vendors for a charge for services they provide. You can find a demonstration and a full feature set listing on the officially released plug-in page.

Upload WordPress Micro Jobs Theme - Taskerr from AppThemes, version 1.3.2, published December 19, 2016, at an unbelievable rebate. You will receive an immediate start button. This means that we can provide up to 90% off commercially available WordPress plug-ins. When you are a novice and need help with your purchase, consider purchasing directly from the developers.

The Taskerr WordPress topic like Fiverr & TaskRabbit Job Marketplace

The Taskerr is a fantastically appealing WordPress jobs topic from the AppThemes Development Team. It' a high-performance, reactive skin that supports all the latest displays including desktops, PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Windows. List your site list with details of your site, review, comment from visitors who bought the site, adding it to their favorites, contacting the vendor, and so on.

As soon as the user has bought the shows and the projects starts and later the news could be published on the bought sites and could get in touch with the buyer. Vendor Dashboard is really easy and fantastic to view your assignments, header pictures, description, profile items, job page, stats, customer' giga commentary and so on.

Built-in messaging styles that allow you to deliver the latest messages, and more than 15 different messaging styles with professionally styled and appealing designs! Once the buyer buys the required show, they are redirected to the show manager which allows them to make a deposit, notify the sellers, keep an eye on the work done and so on.

Taskerr topic home page is fully Customizable using the back-end administration panel settings. Homepage contents were uploaded with a navigational toolbar with symbols for inclusion in CSR profiles, a customized user login summary board, a company icon, and a category with query box option. There' also a large advertising space to show the site descriptions with the Call to action buttons to the services area.

Every single page of the site contains the name of the site, the task, the task file, the number of visitors, the promotional flag, the order descriptions, remarks and the buyer's reviews. Common preferences come with secure preferences, back Office account management, WordPress logon page deactivation, Contacts page preferences with e-mail setup, Skype ID, telephone number, e-mail ID, customized company logos, favoricon, wallpaper and more.

Integrate payments with PayPal, escrow technical assistance or customized third-party payment solutions. Users post-registered dashboard, a working area where they have full control over all their alerts, service, tasks, buys, ratings, contacts, location statistics and favourites. Integrate e-mail responses with HTML e-mail template. There are 15+ customized e-mails with unsubscription option.

Widgets Integration Sections Widgets to Main Sidebar, Blog Sidebar, Top Advert, Central Area, Single Service Sidebar, Central Area Home, Bottom Advert, Footer, Page Sidebar and Dashboard Sidebar. Under the motto Log in & Signup Pages for new members / current members. Multilingual support - Helps with translation into native language.

Support for uploading images by user or administrators. Close WordPress intergration and safety. Fast response support for portable devices on Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone, iPod touch, and other devices.

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