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Wordpress Taskerr theme

Microjob WordPress theme We introduce you to our latest WordPress applications topic, Taskerr! Web site users can use this high-performance new theme to create their own small workstation marketsplace. Such undersupplied niches enable every conceivable company to offer its services at a fix rate (which they have fixed). Not forgetting the importance of monetisation for the website owner, which is the foundation stone for all our work.

Simply set up your own rate schedules and bill vendors for a set rate to list their list of available retail products andervices. As an alternative, you can take a percent from each sell (coming soon). In this way, you can simply upscale your website and your revenue generating capacity while offering a useful market place for your business needs (percentage charges via the trustee will follow shortly).

Adaptable and full article detail page for vendors to describe their business. Review and commentary provides feed-back and communications opportunities for prospective purchasers. Humans can put it in their favourites, get in touch with the vendor or buy the auctions. Vendors can administer their services/tasks like a chef. See their statistics to keep an overview of the entire range of support provided.

Vendors can simply stop their services instead of cancelling them. The Taskerr contains over 15 different e-mail alerts, all using a professionally designed and highly reactive HTML style sheet. Purchasers and vendors can opt out of any or all of these items via their dashboards. Purchasers can view and administer all transactions via their dashboards.

Pay, email the vendor, and keep an eye on what's done. On the Taskerr summary page you will find all Taskerr functionality and characteristics - along with screen shots. Also you can try the topic on our demonstration page. The Taskerr is available in the first two week (until September 10, 2014) for a 25% discount, after which it returns to its regular $99 pricing.

Task Responsive WordPress Micro Jobs Topic

The Taskerr is a fast-reacting WordPress microjob topic. It comes with a full suite of pages and plug-ins to create your own Microsoft Web site in just a few moments. Launch your own micro-job website like Fiverr and TaskRabbit in just a few moments with this great WP theme. Please note: All template and enhancements mentioned on this website are provided by their individual developer and all technical questions should be sent directly to the developer.

There is no technical assistance for the template or extension provided on this website.

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