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Modern free WordPress themes for everyone. A lot of club, small league, youth, adult or school sports teams want an individual website. Teams - Soccer, Football, Hockey, Basketball | eSport & Games The Team is a multisportsport & e-sports WordPress theme designed specifically for athletic associations, Spanish couples and various sporting venues. We have demonstrations and all kinds of statistics for different kinds of games like footballs, baseballs, basketball, ice balls, Cs, ball games and so on. With our unique Sportmanagementsystem you can easily create a new team, a team, a game, a tournament, club, division or mastership.

Announcement of forthcoming games with detail such as times, arena, weather forecasts, referee, team line-ups and the position of each team member. Once the game is over, give your players access to your game stats. Developed with Visual Composer and the best WordPress practices, the team will fulfill your or your clients' needs. The Woocommerce theme is incorporated into the theme so that you can build an on-line store to resell goods and supplies.

The team is built to be neat and reactive, and you don't have to find another way, the team is there for you.

Fixed K/D/A displayed in VC add-on "DOTA Table" + Added link in articles to VC add-on "Media Mail Slider".

Added multi sort by games, player and team. Solved problem with deleting team, now also deleting relativ games. Added fix date translator in VC addon "Championships Listing" # x x x x # added fix sort by statistical value in VC addon "Championships Standing" x x x x x + variant options for gamers who accept game set-up.

Solved problem with wrong "System ID" when trying to add files. There was a problem with the display of the Dashboard. Solved problem with addition or redefinition of VC add-on script and style by user manual. Mended: Mended: Mended: Mended: Mended: Mended: Mended: Mmed Added VC Tuner "Timeline Tabs" × × × # Fixed:

Gamblers, Games, Championships, Broancasts and more..... Added team rules in Layouts Builder rules settings for player, coach, and broadcaster. Fixed a bug with the folders "data" and "Data" on Windows-Server. VC-Addon "Broadcasts listing grids " + Twitch integrated. tv added tv interface for automatic update of shipment detail and state.

Added transfers related to players, championship and team. Added VC-Addon "Broadcast Players with Details" light + VC-Addon "Broadcasts Viewer" + VC-Addon "Sponsors Logos slider" + VC-Addon "Sponsors grid listing" + VC-Addon "Sponsors Logo grid" + Page lid picture added to the settings window for Pages, Players, Teams, Championships, Matches.

VC Addition "Page Titel with artwork " added Attention: Make your own back-up before updating! Added track to be timed in matching headers VC-Addon.

Repaired page title in the homepage and in the articles. Fixed Built-in statistics items name, guess - is correct called AVG. Fixed cs: go built-in duplicate statistics stat sets to'wins', major Match statistics set to 'Raund wins'. Corrected display of dustota input in cs:go when modifying games. Added more filter in Visual Composer add-ons for games, player, transmissions, championships and other system items.

Added more information to the head of the player: oldtimer, mass, size, city, state. Corrected the statistics index with empty value and delete matching. Corrected activating Mustisport Dashboard game. Added players matching activities "participated" for recording a statistical index. Corrected creation of search queries for the "( livest ") state. Adds a feature to select which network to show in the PS Line app.

Solved statistical problem ordering statistic types in addition for list of organization chart. The Next Enemy and Results columns in the Organization Chart add-on are now optionally available. Schwarze backgrounds for statistical items in the Organizational Chart List add-on are now optionally available. Added the ability to select the statistical category to be shown as the matching results in the MultiSport Dashboard.

VC adddon "players slider" has been expanded. Specified zones of times when matching is displayed. It now defines the timing zone according to the WordPress preferences. Added specific game status: Added option for real-time author refresh of matching pages. Added possibility to select header types in VC add-on "Player Profiles Photo" + added possibility to modify team position colours on strategy tables.

Added matching sort by starting date and publishing date in all VC add-ons with matching select. Solved problem with installation of demonstration contents. Visual Composer add-on added:

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