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The TechNews theme for WordPress is a full-fledged magazine website package; launch your own news and reviews portal in an instant. Theme Premium WordPress Magazine, TechNews allows you to create a high-tech news page in WordPress. Create a high-frequency, extended news blog, etc. Turn your Tech News website into a modern and dynamic environment for your visitors.

You can use the Newspaper Tech News Demo to create a great website!

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So many interesting technical items on the verge of discovery can discourage the consumer from finding the right one. Use TechNews reviews to view multi-category reviews in an interactive format so your customers can see your experts at a single look and make the right buy.

Slide shows in featured items that fit smoothly into the original writing can show more than one photo with auto transition, resulting in a contemporary post-layout that gives even the largest reviews a run for their buck! Choose a headline look that fits your audiences; choose an animated merry-go-round look that features expansive motion animation and large pictures; or touch-friendly raster designs with nice rimless pictures that emphasize several items at a time.

First impressions of your website with professionally designed websites can leave an indelible mark, inspiring your readership to explore the richness of your work. In addition, toggling between heads is as simple as toggling an Theme Customizer item with a real-time change previewer, so you can try and find the right one for your needs.

Multi-media contents are a key part of any tech review website; people want to see product in motion to better educate their purchasing choices. With TechNews, viewing your site's online footage is more convenient than ever with a special section of footage on the home page to showcase your footage; people can click the footage headline to browse to the footage as usual, or click the thumbnail to upload the footage to a pop-up layout so they can view the footage directly from the home page.

Most of the time, you don't even have to do anything except deciding which entries to show; our dedicated plug-in pulls the embeded movie from the post auto-no extra set-up required. The TechNews cover page is designed to be attractive, highlighting a number of your contributions in different category.

You can toggle between vertically and horizontally, view the latest review results, see which review items get the most comment and the highest rating, or view movies without exiting the home page. As with the Movie section, these powerfull utilities are all provided by a unique plug-in, News Show Pro, which has an unbelievable array of choices that allow you to precisely navigate where all your contributions are drawn from and how they are viewed.

TechNews' main features are integrated with the WordPress Customizer, giving you the power of customized tools to standardise your website' branching. Switch theme colours, switch between traditional and side menu, customise your text with Google fonts, include symbols for community use, and more. In the Things page, you also have full font Awesome icon palette and extended typeface control to give your text contents style.

TechNews has integrated additional functions that make your website a snap. Skripts like Scroll Realveal adds customizable, one-of-a-kind revelation animations to page items, and Tools provides amenities such as related posters at the end of article pages offer fast linking to other similar items, pop-up logging capabilities so people don't have to exit the page to subscribe, and newsletters pop-ups to encourage people to subscribe to receive the latest site update; and for this added eye-catching feature, there are fantastic CSS animations for rating results, photographs, and release button sharing to make a living.

Whichever devices your end user prefers, they will have the full breadth of functionality and a convenient browser viewing experience. Whatever your end user's preference, they will be able to take advantage of the full functionality and a convenient browser viewing environment. Don't spend your precious amount of your free money on a Barebone's WordPress theme that will take you forever to set up; our Quick Launch Kit gives you the ability to set up everything you need to launch your own website, plus WordPress, the theme and any plug-ins and demos that are modifiable.

You can even have your own ready-made areas for your advertising banners, from custom ary old banners ranging from 2 x 728 x 90 px to 300 x 300 px squared blocs that look great in the side bar, so you can monetise your contents in a way that doesn't bother your site's users or interfere with their browsing experience. Featuring all these functions, TecNews is a full website theme full of opportunities and full of flair; if you want to make a name for yourself in the news and review business, you'd love to miss it!

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