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Android Tema, free and secure download. Deploy personalized designs based on the Android operating system. Android Tema - Download The Tema Android is a fantastic free piece of Symbian desktop fitting and theme application made by VikiTech. It is also available for Symbian. Ever since the 2012 release has been added to our range of applications and applications, it has received 122,595 hits and last weekend it had 15 hits, the trial is not available and was upgraded to 15.


Available to Windows 7 and earlier OS customers, this application can only be downloaded in English. About downloading, Tema Android is a utility that requires less disk space than most applications in the Customize Desktops application group.

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Windows 7 Tema GO Launcher EX par GO for Android

The Tema Windows 7 para GO Launcher EX is a free, high-performance Android application designed by Sergio Andre Fagundes. It belongs to the theme subsection of the theme fitting application family. Tema Windows 7 installation sizes for GO Launcher EX depend on the machine. Ever since it was added to our range of applications and applications in 2012, it has received 163,360 installs, and last weekend it had 23 as well.

Latest release of the program is 1.15 and was released on 06/15/12. Windows 7 Tema launcher EX is available for Android 1.6 or later OS user and is available in English.

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