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This is a theme dedicated to the anime Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tanya the Evil). Unrestricted free use of the best of the best things in the worid And anime " your gun." The Alicization Lasing (???

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No Editing (fixing of weight or problem is allowed) Please specify TDA & Angie-Doll No Editing.

User-Defined Designs PSVita Free Depository

This is the repository: One of the most common issues that I saw in forum and community networking was in the day after the publication of Henkaku Hack and the following DB Theme Installer 360 PSVita: "How can I get customized designs for my PSVita? When can I do this? "Of course there were already thread or postings that collected user-defined topics on different pages, but often they were confused because of the person commenting, many thumbnails of different sizes and types, downloading link from many different files hostings, etc......

Therefore, the brainchild was to create a library that was easy, quick, mobile, yet full and free, where all endusers would be able to find and retrieve customized designs for their consoles in seconds. So here is the PSVita Customizing Topics - Free Repository! You' ll find in this library customized designs designed by amateurs, gathered from the entire web and then test-driven on Google Drive, organized, and uploaded back so they're available for downloading and use.

Apparently it was not possible to get an existent user-defined design on the web, and many of the designs found no longer had a legitimate clickable file to use. Whether you are the maker of a new customized design or have just found one on the Web that is not currently contained in the repository, you can simply submit it so that it can be added soon.

Exclusion of liability: The user-defined designs in this repository were gathered from the entire Web. You can use this free of charge repo. In no way is the @redsquirrel87 associated with the creator of these customized designs and therefore the @redsquirrel87 is NOT responsible for their design. If you have a problem with a user-defined design in this Repository, you can use the Contacts page to ask for detail or remove information that, always accidentally, may have harmed you in some way.

All of the user-defined designs in this repository were pre-release checked, but you may encounter some unfamiliar issues that we didn't notice during the test. Therefore, please keep in mind that you always use the customized designs in this repository at your own risks.

Re-uploaded the user-defined designs in this repository into a Google Drive account. As a result, there is no limit to the amount of time you can wait before using a file. This has the benefit of a quick and easy instant access to your file, but also means that in the event of abuse, the file can be blocked from being downloaded 24 hours a day by Google. Therefore, I call on your good judgement to prevent this so that all subscribers can keep using this facility.

Because there will be a feature in the PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 that allows a user to retrieve user-defined designs from this library and directly installs them on their own memory cards, all additional file types and sub-folders have been removed from the user-defined design zipped packets to conserve diskspace.

It will still be available as a standalone file (but will be added to Mediafire to conserve your Google Drive master accounts space). First of all, we would like to thank the Hackinformer.com employees and communities because most of the customized topics in this library were taken from their databases, which you can find here, at the moment of their construction.

I would also strongly advise you to sign up for their great fellowship to keep up to date with the latest developments in the P.S.V. Hacking world. Thanks also go to the Redit fellowship for recording some of the customized topics. Last but not least, a very big thank you to all the developers of these amazing customized topics and to those who will help keep the library up to date in the near term by posting and posting new customized topics!

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