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TEMA's app for Android OS has arrived! TEMA Virtual Vision Mobile App is available for Android OS! Complimentary app - change the fonts on a phone or tablet. Your company name and logo will be displayed on the conference app for all sponsoring levels.

TEMA's app for Android OS has arrived!

TEMA's app for Android OS has arrived! TEMA Virtual Vision Mobil App is available for Android OS! Developed to make the incident notification procedure easier, the portable app allows the general population to take a photo of an incident and write an on-site story with their own Android handsets.

The simplicity of these reports should help to reduce the need for personal or telephone reports while at the same time facilitating the review procedure. This app also gives the general public easy acces to a Newsfeed that keeps them up to date in an emergencies situation. From now on, the app is available for downloading in Google Player or by scans of the QR-codes below with an Android smartphone.

Topics for MIUI

THESE TOPICS WORK ONLY WORK WITH MIUI-BASED CUSTOM ROMS. You can use this utility to dowload topics, background images and symbol packages for your MIUI installation unit. Scroll through an extensive MIUI theme library to find the one that fits your lifestyle. Automatic updating of new designs. Automatic updating of new background images.

Symbol packages. Find and browse topics. Create this app with Python and Kivy.

Helden are people

The OSI Connect is a free wireless app for psychological healthcare education and self-management designed to help OSI sufferers and their relatives better understanding the type of OSI' s ('Operational Stress-Injuries') and providing help through the OSI Clinic Network across Canada. OSI Connect provides resource on issues such as post-traumatic stresses and causes, depressive disorders, anger, insomnia, drug use, and more.

Those who use Mind Tools come from many different backgrounds within companies - from managers and shop keepers to young pros and newcomers. Large companies and governments around the globe also use Mind Tools materials to enhance workforce performance, enhance managerial and executive capabilities, and drive organisational growth initiative.

Stressmanagement is very useful in helping to provide a wide range of stressmanagement tools.

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