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ema Cafe

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an outdoor British English cafe, an outdoor American English cafe (=with desks and outdoor seating on the sidewalk)We had dinner at an outdoor cafe in Montmartre.a Highway cafe British English (=a cafe next to a highway )They stayed at an outdoor cafe.a Highway cafe British English (=a low-cost cafe next to a major street, mainly for truck drivers )Many transportation cafes offer large breakfast.

She was a waiter in a street cafe. verbsrun a coffee shop. His dad ran a coffee shop in Lerwick. coffee- When the day went by, it began to show that the Applecross coffee shop was doing a great business. as we drove past a coffee shop, the waiter ran out to pull in desks and stools.

  • In 1972, when the cafe was still in its fledgling stages, I bought a new agent. In 1972, when the cafe was still in its fledgling stages, a new agent was hired.

Swing test results (BS 7976-2)

Café - Naturally is part of our Tema series. Tema is available in four different dimensions, among them a large 1200 x 1200 mm rectangular panel, and is also suitable for use with floor-standing heating installations. Besides Cafe - Nature we also provide a range of other ceramic tile in bronze.

Measured values obtained from the oscillation test are either designated as sliding resistance value (SRV) or oscillation test value (PTV). Swing test certificate available on demand. Test results for shield ing are given as an average value of rated value from 9 to 13, which refers to the slope of the slope. For more information on the Rampentest process, please visit the Health and Safety Executives website.

Inspection certificate available on demand. Patterns of tiles are supplied in 120 x 120 mm or 150 x 150 mm formats. 100% mineral and freeze-proof, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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