Tema Christmas

Christmas Tema

Know the exercise during the holiday party: ugly Christmas sweaters and gnomes. #7 Best Christmas Party Topics Small rings attached to the seat with a rough band make each individual at the dinner table look like a special visitor. Hang the green from the blanket above the desk with a hitch and a colourful band. Alternatively, work in the branches around your continuous lamp and fasten them with a cord.

Stick together a stellar pattern in a few moments with reed, wood moulds and a small pen. Think about the bowl of sweets by stuffing a plate with candle and mint tassels. It' smart, sparing and simple to fit with pruning, ribbons and sweets from the drugstore. Attach your crimp of sweets to ribbons and get to know the tutorials for the right rosettes and biscuit cups.

Trim your heads, bodies, wing and tails as shown. Wherever the design indicates it, collapse the parts and make small slots in the wing and tails. Push the cock into the slot in the torso (the slot allows you to push the cock upwards). Stick the cock to the bottom of the torso with double-sided adhesive strip. Next, place the wing on the solid.

Create the V-wrinkles in the centre of the wing as the design shows (so the wing can lie on the back of the body). Place a small amount of adhesive strip under the V-fold of the wing and attach the wing to the main frame. The adhesive strip is attached to the torso in front of the wing. Heat adhesive on the back of the board circuit (it anchors the top to the boom; use rotary anchors if necessary).

Rotate a small round pine pin and stick it to the middle of the box. Stick long pine nuts around the middle taper to make the asterisk. Protect with elastic straps. Tape or cord tapes; bind to lock. Stick golden origini fields with sticky aerosol onto the billboard in a well aired area by working over the paper.

You can use a pair of pair of scissors along the edges of the golden piece of tissue to trim the fields of the panel. Make a 6" taper with a compass on each angle. Gradually fold the tapered side of the sheet and be careful not to wrinkle the taper; the sides are hot-glued to keep them in place. Trim the tape to match the top surface of the taper and apply with a gluing pistol, using a dot of adhesive every centimetre.

Stick the ends of a tape to both sides of the inside of the taper so that it can be suspended. Trim four 10" and four 7" lengths of ink tape so that the ends are bent. Beginning at the bottom of the polystyrene balls, round side up and out, adhesive tape in front of each spit with small spots of heat adhesive at a distance of 1 1/2 inch, lift tape between the spots of heat adhesive so that there is some clearance; this creates a wavy or wavy effect.

Stick the key in the middle of the polystyrene sphere (flat side) to complete it. Chic knobs and ribbons decorate candlesticks made of glas. Slice ribbons of silky tissue to the required length (we used 3" wide strips) and wind them around the centre of the beaker. Apply heat-sensitive adhesives or other adhesives to the back of the canister. Place the goldband (we have used a 2" wide band) over silk and sticker on the back of the can.

Finally, stick a knob in the centre of the tape at the front. All you need to make this pattern is small belts clasps, felt and a pistol. Pass the felt stripe through the golden clasp so that the clasp is centred; wind the felt stripe around the centre of the pattern. Heat bonded ends of the felt stripe on the back of the sphere so that they simply hit each other.

Put a 8 " diameter sheet on the felt cuboid so that its bent edges form a centred sheet on the felt. Follow the quadrant form formed by the border of the panel and trim along the line. The result is a delta with a curving ledge. Lay the felt slice down onto a desk and the heat bonded end of a small thread strap near the tip of the delta so that the strap can protrude.

Tape the dome to this part, then pull back the surplus thread and stick it onto the felt spread. After drying the adhesive, shape the felt into a taper and fix with hot-melt adhesive.

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