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YouTube Dark Topic - Dark YouTube themes - Firefox extension for YouTube & FB (en-US) This is an automated way to utilize your own skin. YouTube' deep themes protect your eye by transforming Youtube colours into blacks. View Youtube video with convenience. YouTube' hot topic now also works on Facebook, click the expansion button on the FB website to add Facebook using Facebook hidden state. Dunkles topic for YouTube makes Youtube Schwarz without any action from your side.

Just add an add-on to add a darkness layer to Youtube. The Black Youtube Skin is the only expansion that works after the last Youtube up-date. YouTube is a brand of Google Inc. The use of this mark is governed by Google permissions. ATTENTION2: You don't need that for the new YouTube theme!

Now there is a built-in black motif - click on your profile in the upper right corner and there is an optional black motif.

The Mozilla release date for the older Firefox add-ons is set.

Mozilla updates ESR about once a year, in contrast to the six-weekly pace of updating default features. Firefox ESR is the release for businesses and other endusers that want a more stable web browsing experience. The Firefox ESR 52, which will be removed from the ESR 52 supportlist in two weeks, was first released in March 2017.

Firefox ISR 60, its spare, was introduced in May this year. Mozilla has been periodically upgrading both releases of ISR since that date to give clients enough free migration space from 52 to 60. Since Firefox ISR 52 is the definitive release that supports inheritance add-ons, Mozilla will also soon remove enhancements from the on-line markup as well.

"As Neiman said, we will begin the deactivation of older add-on releases on addons.mozilla.org (AMO) in September. Starting September 6th, no new legacies add-ons will be added to the shop; all these add-ons will be deactivated at the beginning of October. "As soon as this happens, AMO will no longer allow people to find your extension," Neiman told the team.

It took Mozilla a long while to get to this place. Mozilla sketched out major changes to Firefox's add-on eco-system three years ago, among them a blueprint to launch a new app program engine (API) to allow designers to migrate Google Chrome enhancements to Firefox. At the end of 2017, Mozilla was willing to exclude older add-ons from execution in Firefox, a step that began on November 14 with the publication of Firefox 57, also known as "Quantum.

WebExtensions APII, Firefox instance that still contain the older - and thus not supported - Firefox releases have been upgraded to the newer add-on file formats by default. This will also occur for Firefox ESR 52 user. "As soon as a new release is filed with AMO, those who have the older release of AMO will get the automatic update," Neiman said.

The Firefox was on a five-month skiid in users sharing, according to metric provider Net Applications. Firefox's July overall contribution, for example, was 9.7%, a two-year low that indicated the potential for even greater problems.

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