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Zo?nam autorov / akceptovaných fotografií. Tema Stauffer is an American photographer whose work examines the social, economic and psychological landscape of American spaces. Believe it or not, there's an easy way to find out: Select the paper to be printed according to the subject of the photo. Photos by Decoração de Festa Pequena Sereia Ariel.

Montreal, Canada.

The work of Tema Stauffer, an Amerindian geographer, explores the socioeconomic and psychosocial landscapes of America. Their work has been shown at the Sasha Wolf Gallery, the Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery and the Jen Bekman Gallery in New York as well as national and international art and gallery venues, among them an overview of contemporary US photography at the Houston Fotofest 2010 Biennale.

Has written papers for PDNedu, American Photo Magazine and other magazines. Ms. Brian is the receiver of the Women in Photography - LTI/Lightside Individual Project Grant 2012 and a CCNY Darkroom Residency 2014 for her photographic portraits of Paterson, New Jersey, in the years after the 2008 financial downturn.

Among these were finalists in the Outwin Boochever Competition 2013 and were featured in the 2013-14 contest exhibit at Smithsonian's National Gallery from 2013-14. And the same image won third place in The Photo Review Contest 2012. "Paterson " was presented in 2015 in individual shows at the Baxter Street CCNY Gallery and the Sasha Wolf Gallery.

"Upstate", my latest photo collection, concentrates on cityscapes and countryside, surroundings and relicts in or around Hudson, New York. Hudson, the first Hudson civic center founded in the United States in 1785, has a long tradition of economical wealth and decay. Situated on the Hudson River bank, it has experienced a vibrant transition from a flourishing port for whales and commerce to a booming industrial centre, then to a desperate and crisis-ridden centre throughout the twentieth and twentieth centuries that has been revitalised and economically revitalised in recent years.

A small town with ecclectic architectural early US style features, it is encircled by farming community grown by local residents in the Hudson Valley. Upstate" photos document the legacy of U.S. industry and agriculture life that has made its mark in the area. Several of these photos show a ghostly or melancholy ambience that pervades the Hudson Valley, where the past resonates deep.

Every photo of this serie is taken with a middle or large size digital photo on colour foil with available flash. Bringing together verse and reality, these pictures reflect a silent beautiness and secret in the traditional architectural and artifact styles that reflect the New York hinterland's age of industry and countryside, and the changing economics of the age.

The use of a time-honoured method of photography is also an authentic way of telling the story of this area. Inspired by William Christenberry's large-format photos of Alabama's countryside architectural scene, Richard Prince's Ektacolor photos of New York's hinterland, and Walker Evans Polaroids, which record poetic symbols and textures in the U.S. countryside, this artist has created a series of projects that will explore the world of New York.

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