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App Store Keyboard Template RainbowKey lets you design your keyboards with fun font, colourful images and sweet little moji! The RainbowKey has all the functions you need: - Provides all kinds of apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The RainbowKey software provides full language support: Update to Rainbowkey Plus, you can: Subscription Rainbowkey Plus description:

Rainbowkey Plus plan for $19.99 per click with a 7-day free evaluation. Your iTunes balance will be debited when you confirm your order. Your subscriptions will be renewed periodically, unless the automatic extension is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the active time. The extension will be billed to your bank within 24 hours of the end of the actual term and identifies $19.99 each monthly.

We also offer a 7-day free evaluation version of Rainbowkey Plus. Their probationary time begins immediately with the confirmation of your purchase and lasts 7 workdays. There will be no debiting or storage of funds in your iPod balance before the end of the evaluation time. Unless you have cancelled at least 24hrs prior to the end of the evaluation term, the $19.99 per month membership begins.

Administer your subscriptions and turn off automatic renewals by visiting your accounts preferences after purchasing. You cannot unsubscribe from the currently subscribed service during the term of the service. Every part of a free evaluation free of charge, if any, will expire if you subscribe to this release.

Thank you for using Rainbowkey! Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod contact.

Design for iPhone XS Max Max

Introducing a new and exciting iPhone XS Max themes that will give your smartphone a new look and enhance your iPhone display. When you' re tired of the old sluggish looks of the cell phones, just go ahead and get ready to get started by downloading this new iPhone XS Max launch theme and enjoying the new gorgeous looks of this one.

It' based on the latest phones of the iPhone XS Max. In order to verify the appearance of the topic, press the Information key of the topic.

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