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iPhone Tema Untuk Android

Best App Launcher for the iPhone iPhone doesn't endorse application launching in the same way as OS xp, but that doesn't mean application designers haven't come up with smart work-arounds. Our choice for the best announcer, the Launch Center Pro, allows you to start not only applications, but also special promotions within applications. One of the first applications to have the notion of being a layman on iPOS is launched Center Pro.

Rather than just link you to different applications on your iPhone (as your home page already does), Launch Center Pro will link you to the so-called promotions. From Launch Center Pro, for example, you can immediately go to the new Facebook photos page, send a text to someone, write an e-mail to a group, or do more.

The Launch Center Pro basically gives you easy entry to a particular location within an application without having to type around a pile to get there. The Launch Center Pro does an amazing amount of work to cross the line between the ordinary users and the powerful users. As you open the application, you will be welcomed by a series of tutorials that will help you start building your own customizations.

In a few moments you can immediately launch launcher for easy things like sending an SMS to a trusted boyfriend or finding your nearest cup of Yelp cafe. You can stop right there and still indulge in Launch Center Pro. But if you want to take it further, Launch Center Pro is equipped with power-user-functions.

When you' re ready to deal with it, you can configure Launch Center Pro to do wacky things, such as send a certain text to a certain individual at a certain point in your life, or concatenate a series of activities depending on your whereabouts. Launch Center Pro can even be linked to IFTTT to further interlink things.

It' s intensive how much you can do with Launch Center Pro when you're ready to waste your precious moments, but it's also amazing how useful it is even if you just scrape the canvas. Launch Center Pro does its best to make it easier to create action, but for the typical users of iPOS it is still a bit complicated.

As soon as you get over that hunchback, the benefits increase quite a lot as you begin to experiment with different kinds of action, trigger, and more. Launcher is the most immediate competitor to the Launch Center Pro (free of charge/$2. 99 In-App purchase). The Launcher works much like Launch Center Pro, where you perform a series of operations that are performed directly on certain parts of an application.

The Launcher is not nearly as easy to use as Launch Center Pro, but the fact that there is a free, ad-supported release means it's a good option if you want to test the water. 99 ) belongs to the same class of applications as Launch Center Pro and Launcher. Workflows is an unbelievably powerfull application that lets you build your own action that works like MicroApps.

There is a slight difference in the way the work flow works because it does not always need a third-party application to perform these activities. Although it is a high-performance work flow and does much of what Launch Center Pro does, it is not exactly a launch tool. Part of the basic functions required in a launch application are missing from the work flow, especially when it comes to broad application coverage.

However, the workflow can be rigged to act as a launch if you are spending some quality effort on it, so it is a good idea to check if you are looking for something else.

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