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Shështjet e Brendshme dhe Ankesat, ka benjështruar acuzat e ish-oficerit të policisë së Fushë Krujës, Emiliano Nuhu, lidhur me prätendimet se eshtë kërcënu me jetzë në zyrë burda stocionit të policisë së Fushë Krujës.

Shështjet a Brendshme dhe Ankesat, ka benjështruar acuzat ed ish-oficerit bë policyë së Fushë Krujës, Emiliano Nuhu, lidhur me prendimet se eshtë kërcënu me jetzë në zyrë burda stocionit bë policyë së Fushë Krujës. Napoli Juventus makes the superfida and the java sees it as Serisë Aaliene - ku prërballen dy kipet prätendente prër të fitullin titllin in a këtëtë second.

The trajectory of the conference can be seen in the way it is held in the conference room and the type of conference can be viewed objectively in the future.

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uinned nations a. p. - On the card their houses are miniscule spots in a huge ocean of blues, rare in the news and far from the centres of government. However, for a few day a year, the small islands' leader will be sharing a panel with president and premier of the world's most powerfull countries, and their messages are clear: globale warming is already transforming our life, and it will transform yours.

Soon after US President Donald Trump - whose passionate address did not address the issue of global warming - Danny Faure said this weekend to the UN General Assembly that it is already a day-to-day fact for his own state, the Seychelles. "The Indian Ocean nations off the eastern seaboard of Africa is one of tens of Small Island Developing States - SIDS for short attempting to focus on what they see as the overall menace of our age.

"A few decades ago, small islands development states were warning the rest of the globe of the dangers of global warming, and those were once theory threats," said Hilda Heine, Marshall Islands Chairwoman, of a vast array of Pacific Ocean nuclear weapons lying hundreds of kilometres northern of Australia. "Recent extremes in the meteorological situation have made it clear to those responsible elsewhere that this will also impact their people in the here and now," said Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has been pursuing global warming talks for many years.

This recognition can contribute to the fact that the heads of state and government undertake to take greater measures before the end of the year period fixed by the individual nations themselves in order to concretise the Paris Convention on climate in 2015, said Meyer. However, he cautioned that there is a large gulf between the talk of global warming and the readiness of large heads of state such as Germany and Japan to take determined measures such as stopping the combustion of fossile fuel.

By 2050, the nation is targeting net zero emission, a target that most climatologists see as an ultimate target if the global economy is to prevent uncontrollable global warming of more than 2°C ( 3.6 Fahrenheit) by the end of the last decade. The Marshall Islanders know the fate of their land, many of which are just over a metre above sealevel.

According to analysts, the measures taken by the United States, which Trump has promised to withdraw from the Paris Accord, could be crucial for the small islands' futures. "Overcoming the Olga and Maria hurricanes last year brought our nation the devastation of a billion dollar infrastructure," said Danilo Medina, Dominican Republic official head.

"Just think what this means for a nation where the state's federal income is already finite. "Medina said his Caribbean nation supported the call for an intergovernmental funding to indemnify impoverished countries for the losses and damages they suffer as a result of global warming. "It will help safeguard the precious life of tens of millions of people, bringing freedom to their houses, giving them a bright perspective without the constant insecurity of always sensing threat every day the rains come.

" On Thursday, his words were confirmed by Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who called on wealthy economies to honour their commitments under the Paris Agreement, which included providing funding to endangered economies to adjust to and alleviate the effects of global warming. The New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern reported this weekend at a New York gathering of New York heads of governments and industry on a recent trip to her country's Pacific neighbours, Samoa, Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands.

"It is a terrible fact to hear someone from a Pacific Ocean speaking about where the ocean was when they were a kid and a possible loss of their whole community as adults," Ardern said Thursday before the General Assembly. Faure, the Speaker of the Seychelles, stressed that he did not ask to close the world economic system with its worldwide travels and commerce.

"However, we must stay conscious of the implications for our planets and our futures.

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