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A subject in music is the material, usually a recognizable melody, on which part or all of the composition is based. Species: motivo. a theme that is repeated or edited in a piece of music. variaciĆ³n.

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Music - Early infancy is also a very important era for me in which theatre, dancing and music played a significant role - Oh, what a nice music - a great deal of jazzy and classic music was also part of my music, thanks to my uncle - I was never a big supporter of national music. - Lincoln High has a good music program - he arranges his music on the stand - It was a strange kind of musical experience - the clubs has every Saturday night life music - The Royal College of Music - What kind of music does your orchestra do?

  • What kind of music do you like?- After the victory there was another song.- Do you want to hear music.- Did you go to school to learn music.- My girl is teaching music.- I felt very touched by the honesty of the adoration, the music, the server - this honor.
  • The music was so noisy that you couldn't have a conversation - In one nook alone, you slowly dances to music that only you can hear - you go to culture shows, they take music lessons, music industries etc. To facilitate the procedure, Napster has posted the e-mail address of the main music businesses on his website.
  • Other Ramones members were talking about forming new groups or getting into the music industry - Gregory was seriously considering quitting the music industry back then - so I quit the music industry for ten years - music industry professionals think New York and London are on their way to quitting the world's music cities. listen to music - I could be reading music at once, but not now.
  • Born in Dulwich, she was trained at Sussex University in 1968, where she studied music and pedagogy - I think kids should be able to listen to music as soon as they can - then I found that he couldn't do music.
  • I first learnt to play drum and then learn to chorus and then I learnt to play music in general - in the next few week I didn't think of anything else and wanted to play music there - if the vote is good enough the vocalist will learn to play music in class and workshop.

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