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The TeMa asked me if I wanted to tell you something about myself. Online TeMa The Lustrum Committee, please. The TeMa was established on 26 May 2009. Lustrum Committee will..

.. TeamMa is looking for current members! TeamMa is looking for current members! You like meeting new folks, and you also..... We introduce the 18-19 series! TeMa celebrates its 10-year existence this year with the presentation of the 18 - 19 year old team.

The TeMa is the Studienverband für das Profil Technologiemanagement des Scholars. TeaMa came with the wonder if I could tell you something about my.....

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Yes, it is the truth, dear TeMa members, you will miss Groningen when you leave the city and start working. However, through association like TeMa and the opportunity to blog and attend graduate programs, you still have something to recall and even attend from and to. That' s probably because, if I am sincere, I have to admit that I was not a member of TeMa for quite a while.

I had been in the city for some while when I began my bachelor's TM program, so I didn't felt the need to get involved. However, as the end of the Bachelor's program drew near and especially as I was living in Newcastle with other dual diploma majors like Joost, Bob, Jeroen & Rik, the need to think about your post-graduate lives became clearer.

The TeMa was the simplest and most efficient way to go to some very specific places with many corporate meals and beverages :). Ultimately, my decision to go to the consulting firm came out of that time and although I didn't get to know my present boss through a TeMa trip, I still believe it was an integral part of where I am now.

They can probably make a notebook about the structures of the different groups and about which customers and problems they all work on (and I'm pretty sure it's the same with all the other big consultancies). However, I was a little astonished myself that it doesn't really make any difference which way you are: Often times, your own staff is a mixture of different individuals from different groups, so you can end up in very different kinds of different environment and different kinds of work, especially in the first year.

During the 14 month I have been working on various ministerial assignments, various rail orientated organizations, a large insurer and currently in the airlines area. However, some suggestions for those of you who are considering the same kind of jobs are that you need to take responsibility for your own careers and make sure you are positioned in the project you like.

You may have noted that all this is about the concept of "project". In my opinion, it is an important aspect of your decision for a career in management or an internship in another business. If you sign up for a consultation, you are working on a beginning and an end based team. Yes, it is the case that you continue after the end of the projects and therefore do not participate in the long-term outcomes.

However, from a personal point of view, I think it is the best way to get your job done, as you will only be employed when there is anger (they will never even cover consultancy costs if they can do it themselves). Thus it is quite exactly always provocative and implies some intense week from week to week (although the tales one hears about 80 hour working week are from my point of view totally fantasy).

A lot of free space remains to work in a "regular" law office after some consultancy work. I would only advise you to begin your final paper and your career as soon as possible, because all the energies you use at the beginning of your career will add up to the energies you take out of it in later phases.

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