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Just love pink gold color | See more ideas about colors, wedding inspiration and wedding bouquets. Unrestricted free use of the best of the best things in the worid in order to help you make the best experiences we can. Peppermint greens, grey and ivories for the 2014 wedding trend. Koralle & Minze wedding palette my favourite colour palette of all time! or could be a different colour pattern.

I like the notion of having more than one colour focal point, but I could still have a subject.

It'?s the right palette: Rose likes peppermint. In our opinion, peppermint and rose are the ideal combination of colours. Wedding colours inspired by springs - coral cream and peppermint. Coral, grey and spearmint are my wedding colours. Wedding WIUP + Atlanta by Ashley Baber Weddings + Winners! wedding inspirations in blue and lilac, colours, moodboard, decoration idea.

Each bridesmaid dress is different. wedding colour combination: light rose and white pepper (I think I really like this colour palette.except that I want to adding a subdued bluish colour in the blend! During the last two brewing season this tendency has become more popular, with the bride combining smooth colours with natural browns; now we see more exciting colour patterns for 2014 marriages.

Marineblue 2014 wedding pinks and grey colour wedding. This will be my wedding colours. It' an wedding colour theme but I just love marine blues and lemon greens together. Rouge wedding colour palette for the wedding in cold weather.

Wedding location indoors ( Tema or Accra ) - Accra Forum

I' m getting married in July and desperately looking for an inexpensive location indoors for about 120-150 persons. Do you know any tents/tent sites, or do you know any interiors that are inexpensive? Even in the quest for a wedding / event planer .... please help! Do you have a special need for an indoors event?

Every wedding I've been to in Accra has been outside. Accra has an annual rainfall of less than 2 inch on July and you can have porches installed to give shelter. It'?s actually the "white" wedding. Yeff - I like to go to an indoors location because I don't want to take any risks when it rains.

Last year at the end of July I took part in an open-air wedding and it was raining all over. I' m probably just gonna end up employing a wedding coordinator for help. Recommending St. Giles Venue in Accra very much. Whilst I have found referrals for decoration (Lizbed- found on Facebook), I have no referral for a wedding scheduler because our AWFUL was - major suffering from our particular date.

Thank you for the info...I actually sent an e-mail to st.giles and got in touch with them to find out their tariff. There is another location in Tema that we are considering as the number of guests grows from person to person. So who was your wedding coordinator? Contacting a wedding coordinator, I also had a Skype session.

What kind of event did you get in Tema?

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