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Avata is a responsive WordPress theme for businesses. Best 35+ free WordPress themes 2017 Without a shadow of a doubt, WordPress is the most favorite and favored plattform for on-line companies and private web sites. Because of its increasing appeal, WordPress topics have also been asked whether they are free or not. Naturally, free topics have become more attractive because they are free and offer a wide choice.

Admittedly, searching for the best free WordPress topic can be a challenge because of that. Created to help you isolate it and find the best free WordPress topic for you. The Ample is a free multi-purpose topic that can adapt to all needs and recesses. Comes with a number of built-in custom functions and functions to build a commercial or face-to-face website in a few lessons.

The WordPress topic is pretty simple to use, but if you get into difficulties or want to make some customized changes, you know that your WordPress customer service staff is always ready to help. One-tone is a cutting-edge, neat, responsive and free WordPress word. Onetone displays all your contents on the title page and you can customise them using the customiser of the topic.

This free, highly reactive design lets you modify the wallpaper, scroll parallaxes, create a backdrop, use Font Awesome icons, and create your own customized design using customized CCS. Colourful, reactive, modern, neat and free, this WordPress submission is suitable for message sites, journals and blogging. RTL is available with RTL linguistic assistance.

The Pinnacle is a free WordPress topic that is easy to use and portable, with a sleek and contemporary look. A free web site designer for private and commercial use. They do not have to adhere to one kind of contribution, as this topic can support different kinds of contributions. For more information about this fantastic topic, I suggest you take a look at the demonstration.

It is a free, top-quality WordPress pattern that removes your stockings. The Hueman has over 70,000 installations and the writer is updating them for you. The Hueman was conceived and mature to be a abstinence merchandise message, as excavation as fully reactive, and it can be utilized for information tract, press, diary and statesman.

It is a free WordPress topic created by ThemeGrill and distributed on over 70,000 sites. Customize the look using the look and feel Customizing tool for easy adjustments to the look and feel. It is not necessary to have web site engineering expertise to make the most of this topic. Pacious comes loaded with stunning functions like four uniquely designed page laysouts, two stylistic page styles, four different blogs laidouts, 5 user-defined Widgets and a slide bar.

It' a topic that is absolutely reactive and willing to help you take your company to the next stage. One of the best free WordPress topics for newspapers, journals and blogging. The website has a contemporary look and many functions to make a great website and present your contents. The Awaken includes 3 customized Widget to view your contents in different style, one with a slide bar, YouTube Widget, as well as 3 customizable search engines, among them your own personal style, your own style, your own style, your own style, your own social network and your own personal style.

Completely reactive, the styling adapts to the equipment used. Because of its slim, contemporary, versatile designs and functions, this free-reacting WordPress topic has deserved its place on this mailing. Although FlatOn is light and minimum, it has the necessary thematic functions to make it the ideal plattform for a variety of sites.

Its functions are all simple to use and intuitively and you don't have to be familiar with programming to make a one-of-a-kind and nice look. Allgiant is a neat, contemporary, free WordPress topic specifically developed to present your work. This is delivered with the demonstration contents to give you a competitive edge and many customisable choices.

Allergiant is very simple to setup and adjust with its powerful real-timeustomizer. Functions, sevices, portfolio, customers and more are presented in different areas of the homepage. Also it is fully reactive and WooCommerce compliant. The Zerif Lite is an excellent, contemporary and contemporary WordPress themed. It' very simple to use and adapt and at the same time demanding.

Featuring a free WordPress topic that looks great on any device, any display type, and any web browsers. The Zerif Lite has a very simple look, making it suitable for display cases, online advertising companies and target sites. As well as its attractive look, it also includes useful thematic functions that are perfectly suited to add your own personal note to the website.

When you are looking for a topic to present your work, try Zerif Lite! The Auberge is a free WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for restaurants, caf├ęs, and blogsite prescriptions. Auberge' amazing functionality lets you build a website that looks just as good on all your equipment and all your webmasters.

At Auberge, we offer some stunning, eye-catching layout and tooling to help you set yourself apart from the masses. It is also fully compliant with JetPack, Beaver Builder and some other favorite plug-ins. Elegant is the topic! It' an excellent free one-page WordPress topic with a nice look and fantastic function that is perfect for any type of website.

Fully reactive, Shapely's eye contour and transmission are on. WordPress' Customizing allows you to customize the topic and if you have problems or queries, you can contact their technical assistance staff in their Forums. The free topic that everyone has to try is Sapely. Featuring the same amount of detail as a pay topic, The Journal Themefuse's response is to the nice topics on WordPress. org - a free mag topic with a wonderful and elegant look that covers the blognicle.

It comes with a built-in viewer constructor, colour choices, nice slider controls, advanced search engine optimization features, automatic backup and many more. Many in the WordPress community regard it as a "hidden jewel", as it carries all the characteristics of a high-quality thematic topic with a large blogs range: travelling, clothing, business and others.

Based on the Unyson frameworks, this free design is also easily understood from the developer's point of view and allows a wide variety of backend changes. The MedZone Lite is an exceptionally imaginative, professionally, easy-to-use, attractive and competent website management system for any kind of website. It is an evocative subject that, thanks to its powerful skills, adapts itself to every company, every sector and every sector.

Set up is done through the WordPress Customizing tool and you don't need to be a programmer or have programming knowledge to get the most out of it. The Ascent is among the best WordPress free of charge topic and this is shown by its 4th edition. Up to 5 star review on WordPress.org. At Ascent, we can help make any website better and better designed.

Comes with a number of useful functions that turn your website into a user-friendly, appealing and easy-to-use website. This topic is completely fast, cross-browser and can be translated. Because Ascent is a good option for blogsites, its unique styling allows you to present your contents well.

The Parallax One is an impressing, free-reacting work. The design is engineered to be easy to use and customize. A few samples of the theme's fundamental functionality include a fully reactive lay-out, limitless colour panels, customer feedback, Google Maps connectivity, browsers interoperability, and a great topic option pane. The topic was also evolved with a neat and current source coded for the purpose of AEO.

One of the most favorite free WordPress topics is because it is so multifaceted. It is a subject that has been conceived and created to fit any kind of transformations and to be suitable for any kind of store. Using the customizable Widget and Customize feature, you can quickly and easily start setting up your topic.

Illdy lets you build a number of designs that make your layout uniquely versatile. This is a nice, well-designed topic that is able to customize a variety of sites. It is a new subject and already known for its contemporary, classy and contemporary designs. Specially developed to differentiate you from the masses, to make your website look interesting and appealing.

Designed to be sleek and crisp, the theme's lay-out adapts and looks just as good on all types of equipment and screens. The Ascendant comes with a nice full-screen slide that lets you present your contents in style. A colourful, easy-to-use, versatile, imaginative and highly reactive free WordPress topic, Transcend is perfect for any kind of web site, whether your website is pro or private.

The Transcend is the ideal website design tool, regardless of the market segment. The Transcend topic is full of necessary toolkits for creating nice web sites, and its component parts allow the user to adjust the page design, pages, colours, footers, headers and siderails. It will help everyone to increase their visibility and attract visitors' interest.

Don't be deceived by its breathtaking and intricate designs, because Regina Lite is one of the simplest to use designs. Developed with this particular alcove in view, this free medicinal submission can be adapted to any kind of website, whether professionally or personally. Fully interoperable with all web browser, Regina Lite is fully translatable and fully supported by the most widely-used plug-ins such as WooCommerce, WPML and YoastSEO.

The Arcade Basic is a remarkably rugged, free WordPress themed game with a great, yet unparalleled look, perfect for creating your own web site, both professionally and personally. Comes with useful shortcuts to adding user-defined styling functions, font awesome symbols, different post styles, different page styles, and a fully functional lay-out. Made for WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, WPML and other common WooCommerce plug-ins.

The Breviter is a breathtakingly shaped, highly flexible, proffesional and multifaceted canvas. Broaditer is full of stunning feature sets and functions that can rival those of prime topics. And if you want even more functions, you can get the free 39 Euro upgrade. The 1980s come in a nice look and a useful functional pack.

It' s free and reactive and it can be a great place for any kind of website. It' s unique in form and ultra intuitively and simple to use. The Pictorico has the kind of eye-catching look that will be unforgettable for you. It has a single-column, grid-based look and is ideal for photography, travelling or edutainment blogging.

You will be surprised by the design's customization window with its functions, and the pace of the draft is also noticable. The Ward is an astonishing WordPress topic with a nice and lightweight styling and stunning functions. Although it might come as a shocking as the remainder on this page, this topic is free of charge.

From the very start, right out of the box, there' Ward's state-of-the-art demos that showcase the professionals on the subject. It' fully build with Bootstrap and HTML5 and reacts fast. Makes is a great, many-sided, neat and contemporary, free WordPress topic. Don't be concerned about the reactive side of this free submission because Make is designed to renders to any machine and any display area.

In addition, Make has several dozens of customization settings in the administrative area of the themes. In any case you should have a look at this WordPress topic. Brillance is a cool, neat, imaginative and breathtaking, very reactive, free WordPress submission. Because of its efficient styling and performance, it can be used for any type of business.

No coding skills are required to make changes or adapt the layouts of this topic. Generate a classy look with the designer's customized look and the powerful shortcuts available. BRILILIANCE retains its nice look and feel across all browser and device types. is a flashy, multifunctional, free WordPress topic that will certainly attract the interest of anyone visiting your site.

It is 100% portable and fully interoperable with key plug-ins such as WooCommerce, Meta Slider and Page Builders. Adapt and modify your homepage using the free built-in Pagebuilder drag & dropping feature. Without a shadow of a doubt, NewsMag Lite is the ideal free topic for message and journal sites.

There comes full of custom slot functions to help you build the ultimate messaging website. When you' re looking for the best free topic for newssites and magazines, NewsMag Lite is the right place for you. The Enigma topic is for you when you want to build a store website and view your service portfolios.

It is a contemporary, appealing and classy subject. With Enigma you can give free rein to your creative ideas because it is a very adaptable design. The Enigma response is very fast and maintains its look on all major browser and device platforms. It is an extreme appealing, rugged, neat and nice, free reacting WordPress website theming. He is very agile and sophisticated, perfectly suited for the design and development of breathtaking contemporary web sites.

It can be used for a variety of apps and sites, no matter what your market segment, but it was specifically developed to give an additional boost to blogs. Among the functions are the ability to add search engines, add search able ads, add customized widgets, add additional side bars, built-in forms and Google Cards.

The Affluent is the kind of free topic that takes your website to a whole new dimension without sweating. Thanks to its great homepage section, this sophisticated design can be transformed into a word-press design in just a few seconds. They can also include a homepage slide, functions and experience reports.

Affluent is totally free and fully interoperable with WooCommerce, WPML, Polylang, Contact Form 7, Yoast Social and many other favorite plug-ins. Professionals such as photography, graphics, illustration, art, web design - almost anyone who wants pictures at the heart of their website will be satisfied with Pinbin, a Colorlib product family.

Pinterest, a popular online community, inspired the topic and used the WordPress picture function in its designs. Its minimalist styling keeps the emphasis on the contents. Comes with built-in WordPress Mediamanager, so the upload of your logos is not hard at all. Today marriages are well scheduled meetings and WordPress has many topics that can help a pair perfect their important planning days.

Simply use the design choices to modify the colour choices and many other design items. Activello is the topic for you if it is a basic blogs that you want to launch with WordPress. Topic can enhance the overall look of your site because it loads quickly, with a schema-compatible layout.

Furthermore, the topic works well with W3 Total Cache, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, yoast SOE and many other common plug-ins. And you can adapt the design to any other website - eating, photographing, business, etc. Travelify offers a wealth of functions for a free topic that can inspire any traveller.

Customise the topic with advanced topic customisation features. This topic is suitable for translations and the WPML plug-in is used. And not only that, it's also compliant with many common plug-ins, such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. Whilst it was primarily developed for a website related to travelling, it can adapt to any other website with ease.

The Pixova Lite is a topic that can be used to build any kind of website. One of the most important features of this topic are the parallel axis effect that you can generate to enhance the visual enjoyment of people. You can use a widget to adjust the areas of the side bar and bottom bar. That' not all, the topic is quick charging - an important tool for on-line shops.

The Decode is a contemporary and minimalistic WordPress topic that is ideal for typing, resume creation, or any type of creative style with a strong emphasis on substance. It is a lightweight, retina-enabled and portable style that uses the HTML5 specification. Modify any color in the look, create an sleek side bar, or view pictures.

It' a great blogs topic that lets you get on with your typing. This topic is structured in such a way that awareness is drawn to the contents without disturbing the readers with unusual specials. This is a minimum blogs topic that allows both a box and a full width blog area. Whilst there may be other awesome free WordPress topics on the open source scene, I'm sure you can find at least a few great options on this one.

So if you think we've been missing a topic that should have been in the top 35+ of the best free WordPress topics lists, let us know! You can create this authors mailbox with the Simple Autor Mailbox plug-in, which is available for free on WordPress.org.

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