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Best Quality Services! Excellent customer care! Many thanks for telling us, it means so much to us that you have had a positive experience with our services. Hopefully you will have a beautiful St. Patrick's Day party when the show is over and I look forward to hearing from you again. Hi Johan, thank you for sending us a letter - it makes us very glad to know how pleased you were with your candle.

Hopefully we will soon be hearing from you again! Hopefully we will be able to keep doing so. Sincerely yours, BH-Service. BH-services. jena Magnus, hi Timea, hi H!!!!!!!! Hi Julia, how are you? Hopefully we'll see each other again soon! Hej Majlen, helsningar!


Temashop.dk has been shipping danish suits and parties to clients in Denmark from its Fredericia stock since 2009. Meanwhile, the business is expanding throughout Scandinavia and has also purchased three on-line stores. Currently Temashop comprises 10 on-line stores and one physically operated one. "In less than 10 moments, we were able to have three new stores in our system and were willing to ship parcels," says Daniel Diness Andersen about the purchase of three new stores focusing on the sale of gifts and caddies.

"Our aim is to first open on-line stores throughout Scandinavia and then in the remainder of Europe. Just modify the sender's name and adress in our ERP system Magento and the files to the correct carrier, and we'll have the right label sent to us from our various stores automatically," says Daniel Diness Andersen.

Most of their incomming phone callers, according to the company's chief executive officer, are clients who call to find out the state of their shipments, and therefore it is important that Temashop's support team is able to see the state of the packages quickly and simply. "We receive many phone conversations every day from clients who want to know where their package is - and then we can trace their packages with ease.

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