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Stored template is not available on a new page - Envato Hosted 4. Symptom: When you click a template on an Avada page with the Builders, you can store the layouts or containers under a user-defined name. When you reopen it or try to open these stored template files on a new page, the Template/Container is not there. Once stored, originals are not stored or listed:

First of all, make sure Avada is up to date, has the right Fusion Builder release, and the patch is running. In Avada > Topic Options, click Advanced and make sure the Styles Central Services and JS compilers are OFF, then click Clear Fusion Caches and OK in the succeed screen.

Then click Submit Changes. Be sure to store the template or containers under a completely unambiguous name without using custom symbols, i.e. "Custom Page Type X" - i.e. not "Services" that already exist under the demonstration template. Make sure that the page from which you store the template is posted or at least stored once.

You cannot store a template from an automatic design. Navigate to the Fusion Builder and click Preferences in your Administration window. Click Export Fusion templates at the bottom of the Fusion builder preferences. Store it in a place that is easily found. When you are done, go to a new page and click on Models and you should see the customized models that will eventually be uploaded.

Disable all plug-ins except for Fusion Kernel and Fusion Builder. All plug-ins will be disabled. A plugin that asks for enrollment or updates - How do I enable my clustered plugs?

100 percent content template width with Avada Fusion Builders

We´ve has made a content template for our store detail pages and wants them to be 100% wide. Contents templates only substitute the part_content() of your design. When your design provides a preference to show the_content() as full width, it must be placed in the themes. In this case, the content template you allocate to the contributions expands to the full width because the design displays the_content() as the full width.

Several themes, including AVADA, have some preferences directly in the layout/content template editing screens that you can use to adjust the themes preferences for that layout or content template. Like you can see in the following screen capture link - Avada is already on. In the beginning, this seems to be related to the page content, and if this is strict, then it applies to pages and not to any other contribution types.

I' m not sure what AVADA means by "page", but with WordPress terms, a page is a certain mail type: Secondly, it seems that the preference doesn't influence what you create with Builders, and most importantly, you will create contentsheets with Builders, right? This allows you to select different ways of displaying contents, and the full width is one of them.

You are in the "Page contents layout" section: Note that this adjustment works correctly. Also for user-defined contributions, if you make this option in the Contents template or in the layout. Makes AVADA Customs Mail Typ available. For this reason, some AVADA-only contents can now be used for user-defined mail items.

Next we switched to the new feature - get the part'layouts'ickin. I´m has now reactivated the layout and sees what you talked about in your last answer: Layouts' shouldn´t are no longer necessary?! The reason for this is that you are using either content templates/layouts or content templates/layouts. When you have enabled layouts, it is designed to be used with layouts.

In this case, content templates do not display the specified defaults. Layout' has been deactivated - better not used for a contribution style. Last way was to disable the plugin'layout itself or of course remove the unused layout. At this point the preferences appear.

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