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Hand-picked collection of the best Blogger templates available for free for use in your blog. More than 60 free Blogger templates for Responsive Blogger Today, responsive webcasting is in demand. Whether it's CMS or a blog tool like Blogger, responsive web site development is something that can extend your range among those who use different web browsing tools. However, there are those who have also created responsive submissions for the Blogger site, and this is the summary of such great posts.

So let me introduce you to this hand-picked set of responsive blogger submissions that meet the needs of almost all types and nooks of blog. Cool, contemporary, masonry-based newspaper design, but the motion picture on the homepage stole the show. It could be a multi-purpose template for a blog focused on cultural, communal, government, educational or political issues.

Stylishly designed in traditional Magazin fashion and with an appealing look. An excellent minimalistic styling with nice typeface, colours and heights. Ideal for your own blog. Nice template in magazinestyle, which is perfectly for a healthcare blog. Contains a verdant colour scheme, a maillider, a 4-column bottom line and above all a reaction in your browsing behaviour.

Submit a tidy, orderly and cleanly responsive template with a sleek novelty feed in the top menu, a easy featured posting control via the index on the home page. Headline appears darker, subject colour darker, with a bright red coloured contents area that can be fun for all types of technical blog.

Template reacts. We' ve already introduced a seperate template set for resorts restaurants, but it looks a lot more cool than this one. It' s actually a regularly reacting template, but the colour scheme makes it ready for the restaurants blog. Beautiful 3-column magazin template with appealing layout of the contributions. Three-column template, as can be seen from the name, fits well with the tech-blog.

Minimalist, responsive, neat - features a large contents regulator in the centre above the postal index. Clear, easy and responsive pattern with contemporary clothing. A further 3-column fast-reacting magazin with a white-grey colour scheme - suitable for technical blogging. Like the name says, best suited for educational and academical blog.

Reactive styling, slide control for contents over the entire page width on the homepage. Snow on dark colour themes make it look great for blogging with jeky gear, life hacks and other tales. Periodic template with classical colours and box-shaped contents layouts, can work well for your own blog, geeks or technical stuff. Just use the template to create your own blog. Another periodic, but spacious, tidy and tidy template for bloggers.

Follow some already mentionned patterns, this one is slightly different in the placement of column (sidebars) and contrasts (grey). This will look good in home d├ęcor blog with a classical colour combination. It seems to be a subsidiary of Dezor Template, which can be good for architectural blogging. Recalls the beloved website WPExplorer.com, which has a clean & beautiful, spacious and minimalistic look.

Most likely the blog contributors would like to use this kind of magazines. This is another example of a traditional magazin with whites on grey. Ideal for messages, techn, gadgets etc. This is the best choice for your blog about your wellbeing. It seems like an experiment, but you can like it if you want to create a contemporary look.

An appealing template for your videoblogger. Make good use of whitespace and colours, best for your own diary, motivating spirit blog. Multi-purpose template. Perfect for your portofolio co blog. Attractive and neat multi-purpose brickwork. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but you can use it in your movie theater, celebrity, blog.

There is a beautiful and fat typeface with unique post-meta information on the right side of each article in the index. Multi-purpose template. You can use it as a portofolio, collections blog or galery - according to your wishes. White toned minimalistic artwork to present your work. A further one that can make your investment portfolios more appealing.

Old style schools, quadratic box of the same size with miniature views and postal sums. Ideal for corporate blog or portfolios. Multi-purpose template for minimalists. Easy template with a classic blog look, can be useful in newsblogs. Easy and minimum template with colour scheme red. Contemporary mag with strong colours and lively rotating animations.

Old Little Schools in regards to the look, but you can use it if you want a semi-retro old classic look on the blog. Monochrome pattern with minimalistic styling. It looks good on your own blog. This is another beautiful template to present your work for portfolios. Fashionable and stylish, this super slide makes fashionable a real treat.

Best used for celebrities and entertaining bloggers. Portfoliovorlage in contemporaryesign. Fantastically made with fat type ography and minimum styling. Authors will like this template. Beautiful with 3 slits and a sky-blue motif, can be used as a multi-purpose template. White washed template with a hint of reds with a periodic blog outline.

I don't really know why the writer may have named it what Sullivan calls it, since it contains all the general functions as with other styles. Multi-purpose template with grey motif and one-of-a-kind contents merry-go-round. Ideal for technical, life style and blogging. Woman has Rosa as her main colour, so it can work for modelogs or for those who like Rosa.

An artwork with some beautiful typographic work can look good on a blog personally, historically or culturally. It' a fun, minimalistic clip that was made for the right blog for serving messages, technology, misc, geisky etc. Letonto may look great on corporate or technical blog's. It' got this ease that makes a blog look authentically.

Pretty little clipboard template for newsblogs. Blank-grey over deep bluish presentation with motion merry-go-round / slide control. 3-column design, nice colour combinations. It' gonna look good on your own blog as well as your own blog, whether it' sexy, fun or not. Fits well with technology, mystic, personal blog. Do not hesitate to suggest your favourite template via comment.

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