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Best 20+ free WordPress themes and templates 2018 Now WordPress has proved to be not only a great blogsite, but also the most beloved Content Management System (CMS) of our age. As WordPress becomes more widely used and used, the number of WordPress topics is growing fast. While there are literally thousand of freely responding WordPress topics out there, high end topics are always difficult to find.

That' s why I have selected some of the high end, freely responsive WordPress topics that will help you build fantastic looking websites. It is possible to build a blog, a magazin, a shop, a company, a photograph, a web site, a web site, a web site, a web site, a web site, a web site, a portfolio and any other kind of web site. The topics below respond simultaneously, which means your website will look great in desktop, laptop, tablet and portable device environments.

Hopefully this will help you find the topic that fits your website and highlights it among other things. I' ve tried to gather topics that span a wide variety of applications and help you build anything from a basic blogsite to an intermediate businessesite. Its finely honed styling and impeccable features are simply stunning - incredible to be in a free subject.

Don't rely on me, review the topic demonstrations yourself. It is a fully customizable, versatile, WordPress responsive design that is FREE. It was created using Site Origin's page creator and the Flash Toolkit plug-in, and provides you with a great simple user experience for adjusting the design. The Flash Toolkit plug-in includes over 11 fantastic customized plug-ins that you can place wherever you want.

Therefore, you can insert and adjust different segments such as About, Headline, Call to action, Call to Services, Teams, Portfolio, Sliders, etc. In addition, the Flash WordPress themed Live Customizer offers WordPress, WooCommerce assistance, customized stylesheet editing capabilities, various colour choices, soft symbols etc. It' an innovative design that anyone can use without coding - just obey the design directions and get your site up and running in no time.

Cenote is one of the latest additions to our WordPress Blogs Topic Library and an exciting and fully engaging one. The Cenote is a neat, stylish and contemporary looking WordPress publishing topic that is perfectly suited for any blogge. That' s right, whether you blog about fashion, dining, travelling or anything else, Cenote provides a variety of choices to suit your needs.

It' s optimised for advanced analytics, which means your blog is always at the top of the list of popular websites. To learn more about this amazing Free WordPress blogs topic, click the links below. Space is an unbelievably roomy, multifunctional, responsive subject, encoded and created with great attention to detail and loving attention to detail.

It can be used for your company, your company profile, your web site or any other kind of website. Like the name says, we wanted to create more room for contents and more room between paragraphs to highlight the topic. There are 4 page laysouts, 2 page styles, 4 blog screen styles, 13 widget areas, 5 customized business focus widgets, a fantastic slide control, a primer colour customisation for your website and your company logos, a box lay-out and broad lay-out, a bright and deep colour interface, instant translations and much more.

For more information on how to use the topic, see the topic guide here and the tutorial videos here. Like all our topics, the topic is supported completely free of charge. If you have any confusions with the subject, just ask your questions here. Sydney is one of the most beloved free WordPress topics in the WP Topic Revo.

You' ll be thrilled to see the theme's sleek styling and unparalleled features that allow you to build a great web site. In Sydney, a strong WordPress topic with a strong background of paraallax is used. It' s fully responsive so your website contents are guaranteed to look fantastic on any machine and provide a great viewing environment.

The Sydney is a fun, yet intuitive and user-friendly game. It' built on WordPress Customizer, so you can quickly adjust the design with preview files. You' ll enjoy the many customizations the topic has to offer. Provides a full-screen slide bar, full colour check, lay-out check, stuffy nav, Google font, headshot, soft symbols etc.

Especially the front page pads are fantastic - you can immediately make a great homepage with the topic pads. Ever thought about having a topic and using it for more than one website? Now, I mean a subject that is enough to build sites for a variety of uses and alcoves, as well as businesses, agencies, companies or portfolios.

It' a very adaptable, high-performance and probably the most adaptable free WordPress topic ever. As the name implies, the topic is enough for anyone who is willing to build several sites for different use. Its design is fully customisable so you can build any kind of website you like.

The Suffice is a freely reacting Dragging & Dropping Word Press topic supported by the Suffice Toolkit Plugin and the Page Builder of SiteOrigin. It presents advanced customisation possibilities and an elegantly designed look as well as easiness and usability. Thus even novices without programming skills can quickly build professionally designed web sites with this topic.

You can also easily customise and customise the thematic demonstration with a click and complete a website in just a few moments. The Zerif Lite is a neat and contemporary one-page WordPress topic that happens to be the primary output of ThemeIsle. It' one of the most favorite free WordPress topics ever.

Subtle people about ThemeIsle attach great importance to making a topic uncomplicated and straightforward. And yes, this topic is child's play to use and set up. The topic is suited for Web Agent Companyusiness, Commercial Company, Personnel & Partner Company Portfolios, Photo, Digital Studios, Camera Showcases and much more.

Support WordPress plug-ins such as WooCommerce and WPML Premier plug-ins that help you build e-commerce and multi-lingual websites. It will look stunning in any device of your choosing. Looking for a free WordPress magazin on this topic? Appropriate for newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, companies and any kind of websites.

No doubt this topic can rival any top-of-the-line magazines stylistic topic out there. With ColorMag you can give your blog or magazin page a nice, contemporary, clean, clear, clear, polish and well-organized look. Simply concentrate on creating great contents and inserting great pictures into your magazines website, everything else will be done by this topic frictionless.

When you are a fan of a colourful page, then you will find the different colour for different category that are available in this topic to be an interesting one. We' ve invested a great deal of research and hard work to make this a great topic for your journal page.

Give it a try, you may not find a simpler topic than this. Himalaya is a thoroughly sturdy contemporary styling that is a page free of paraallax that responds to WordPress. The Himalayas can be used for businesses, portals, companies, agencies, photographers, contractors and almost all types of websites. Present all your website features, service offerings, blogs, team members, call to action button, info pages, contacts, etc. on one page.

It also has a large full width slide bar at the top to emphasize some of your pages. If you need extra functionality, it also has the trial versions, which you can read here. When you are looking for a page topic, then you are looking no further Himalayas can certainly be the next face of your site and you will like it.

The Accelerate is a multi-purpose WordPress topic developed for convenience and usability. It' s a fast-reacting topic, developed to boost your website and give your site a fantastic look while making everything straightforward and straightforward. It has fantastic functions like boxes & broad layouts, elementary colors, home page sliders with which you can create your own design.

Your template and customized TG widgets: With Recent Work you can build a fantastic website that will drive your company forward and outperform your competition. It' a work of artwork that has that extra look and feel that makes your website unique. Therefore blogs with this topic will be fantastic.

It' a children's topic with only a few small changes. Try this topic and give your website a pro look to draw people. Welcome one of the most versatile free topics of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 in this list of topics. One Lite is one of the trendiest free WordPress topics on WordPress. org: the WordPress Free Topics Reference.

The Llorix One Lite comes with a nice one-sided styling that is very simple to use and adapt. Featuring an elegantly designed palladium effect, this topic will certainly make a good impact on your website users. It can be used for small businesses, start-up mobiles, agencies, businesses, photo portfolios and more.

It is fully compliant with tonnes of favorite plug-ins such as WooCommerce, WPML, Photo Gallery Grid, Contact Form 7, Meta Slider, SiteOrigin Page Builder, JetPack and many other plug-ins, increasing the versatility of this great design. Enter this topic one try, Llorix One Lite can certainly be the next face of your website.

The Ample is the latest responsive multi-purpose WordPress topic. It will help you build a stylish looking corporate, blog, portfolios or magazines page. The full width slide control at the top looks fantastic. It has a template along with TG Custom Widget themes that aim to make a fantastic and professionally designed website. One of the great things about this template is the wallpaper, the wallpaper colour and the parallel effect can be used on different sections of the topic, making it truly special.

Usually this is only available in prime topics, but we have made this available with Ample to suit the perceived level of excellence and feeling of prime topics. eStore is one of the most original and newest WooCommerce sites for 2018. Now that the web has changed, eCommerce has become one of the most important issues for every company.

Now, design in your own way is exactly the same. It' taken everything to the next plane. WooCommerce Template gives you full command over how your website should look like. Taking it one notch further, it not only has a fantastic WooCommerce plug-in to integrate with, but also with the YITH WooCommerce plug-in, your shop guests can now make a wish list of the items in your shop and come back and buy later. In fact, your shop can also be used for other things - make a nice magazin or blogsite.

Here is the instructions page on this topic. The Talon is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that is suited for different types of companies and website niches. The Talon is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that is suited for different types of companies and website niches. the Talon is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that is suited for different types of companies and website niches. the Talon is a multi-purpose WordPress topic. Thoroughly encoded by our expert designers to cover your need for a contemporary design that ensures the best WordPress use. You' ll find the topic unbelievably user-friendly, easy and high-performing.

It is a feature-rich topic with many customisation possibilities, giving you the flexibility to build a website that fits your company/brand. Most design choices are immediately customizable with the fun Customizerool. In addition, the Page Builders assistance makes the topic great. The Talon topic has profound integrations with SiteOrigin's Page builder plug-in, which allows you to build nice pages for your website.

In addition, the topic offers Google font types, several blog layout options, a widgettized bottom line, headers, etc. Optima Topic is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that helps you maximize your brands and your businesses. It' one of the most versatile free designs ever, backed by fantastic pull and drop Widget. Quickly build a professional-looking, uniquely designed website with this topic by using the convenient Widget and Living Customizing tools.

This topic is fluidly reactive and suits every appliance well. In addition, it's light so your website loads quicker, which ensures a great usability experience. OPTIZER topic is SEO-friendly, encoded with the best WordPress technology. Everly Lite is the ideal choice for you if you are a lover of clear and simple designs with a mix of classical and contemporary designs.

It' an elegantly eye-catching free WordPress topic for blogs, photographs, journalists as well as experts from all areas of live. It offers an unparalleled slim and attractive look so that your website contents look breathtaking and impressing to your website users. You can also customise the website look to your liking and create nice websites.

Designed with an eye on UX and UX, it is fully portable, responsive, quickly charged and retinalized. Furthermore, it offers full featured content including embedded content, short codes, voice and visual, e-mail subscriptions, etc. This is a free WordPress topic from SiteOrigin, the same creator behind SiteOrigin PageBuilder, the most beloved free page creator on the market.

PageBuilder and this topic have been created side by side, so the integrations between them are error-free and you have the ultimate strength to build any website from a basic blog to an sophisticated commercial site. It also works with other common plug-ins like Meta Slider and WooCommerce. So you can use Meta Slider to show off your contents wherever you want and turn your website into a shop to resell them.

An issue that is growing and shrinking with your needs is what makes us special. You can download and explore Vantage's beautiful themes, allowing you to select exactly what you want. When you are looking for a topic that fits WooCommerce perfect to turn your website into a shop, Storefront is the topic for you.

Actually, this topic is from WooThemes, the same author/team behind the WooCommere plug-in. The Storefront is an easy-to-use and free WordPress topic that offers profound WooCommerce connectivity. It is the ideal plattform for your next WooCommerce projects. Avoid the worry of conflict between topic and plug-in with large WooCommerce up-dates. When you want different turned out looks then they have some kids topic as well to have your requests catered for.

The GeneratePress is a free, responsive, multi-purpose WordPress topic. Its design is light, efficient, quick and simple to use. It took a great deal of work and fantasy on the part of the writer to make this topic light, agile, fast and SEO-friendly. Now you can improve the use of themes by using favorite plug-ins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BuddyPress, because the themes supports all these plug-ins perfectly.

In fact, the design is fully IE8 compliant. When you are a designer and want to use this design for your customer projects, the included Hook & Filter design gives you great versatility. When you want to include more features to the topic, you can simply buy your own free Brand Add-on plug-in that lets you change many things like type, color, backgrounds, page headers and more.

It is a free, responsive WordPress topic that is ideal for any individual or company that relies on courses or a timetable. When you have a place for gymnastics, exercise, yoga etc., this topic will perfectly suit you. Like other Modern Topics threads, this thread has a number of useful functions that give you full command of the topic.

Several of the stunning functions contained in this topic are limitless colour choices, Google fonts, example web page contents and much more. With Moesia, you have a very strong WordPress topic. You' ll enjoy the functions and styling of the subject. The Moesia is a distinctive model that allows you to create an efficient on-line experience.

Any of the homepage blocs can have a parallel wallpaper and a wallpaper colour that can be combined with motion graphics to give the topic a contemporary look that can be combined with high-end topics. And Moesia also offers a choice of Google fonts, two kinds of blog page layout, fun animation and effect, a head of Parlax and much more.

Sparkling' is a clear, contemporary, slim styling style created with Bootstrap 3. Its front-end platform optimises this look for smart phones, tables, desktops and all other devices. Featuring pixel-precise designs, great Widget and full-screen sliders, it sets itself apart among WordPress topics. This topic is kind to your website using Google's Schema compliant site layout, which makes Google feel at home.

This topic covers most if not all free and premier plug-ins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Yoast's WEO, W3 Total Cache and many more. It is an excellent topic for your own website or your own in the fields of healthcare, gym, education, finances, businesses, travel, web development, web development, advertising or any other area.

The Gridsby is a free WordPress topic for photoblogging, created and handmade for professional photography. It can be hard to find a suitable topic for a photographer, but this topic will make your work easier. It shows your images in interesting fashion directly from the home page, making it even more interesting. The Gridsby site features responsive styling, retinal styling features, and an intuitive way to publish your photographs to the cover page album.

This may be easy, but this ease gives it a great look and feeling that should be great for inspirational collections, photography diaries and more. One-tone is a beautiful one-page WordPress topic. Attractive styling and based on HTML5 and CSS3. The one-page homepage offers all your company information on one page as a topic oriented towards your company.

Ontone blends in with the responsive look, so it works well on all desktop, notebook and portable applications like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, etc. It'?s a contemporary and enchanting subject. Developed specifically for blogsites, Powen is easy to customize for any need as it provides many adjustment possibilities. The sleek slide bar at the top will help you emphasize your post.

It comes with many fantastic functions like the latest post-widget, user-defined backgrounds, searching machine easy semi formatting, great children topic supports, topic preferences and much more. Sterngucker is one of the most progressive topics to enrich the WordPress world. This topic is created by Justin Tadlock, who is one of the WordPress administrators on wordpress.org.

Few topics have many functions while still following the best encoding practice and standard, Stargazer is just one of them. This topic is based on a robust hybrid core skeleton. Use WordPress' built-in customizers to provide you with direct personalization choices. It' s a responsive design that will look fantastic in any machine of your choosing.

As any good subject, it is suitable for translations and RTL-compatible. In addition, you will find a variety of submenus for this topic in the below mentioned links. Try them out to switch between designs and feature sets.

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