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CTRL+F, and enter the name of the template, you can see the name of the template. Why is my Blogger template not displayed? Blogs is the push-button blogging site of Google. Registrated members request a Blogger Domainname ending with ".blogspot.

com. "When you sign up, you can select from a dozen of template choices available through Blogger, or you can submit your own template. When you have an error in your template key, your template cannot be loaded properly into your blogspot, which prevents it from showing up in your ".blogspot.com".

The Blogger provides two ways for people to create a template on their website. First, use the Template Designer section of Blogger. To access this section, click the Template Designer subtitle in the Template Designer subheader of your Blogger dashboard on the Designs page. You can choose from seven different styles from here; each style has different choices for the style of your blogs backgrounds, fonts, links and distances.

When you''ve finished choosing your template choices from the Template Designer menus, click the Applied to Blog icon at the top right of the page to make your changes effective. A second template feature, available to Blogger bloggers, allows you to make your own. Embracing more dexterity - plus HTML skills, brick by brick website layout - this tour also improves your chances of having trouble viewing your template on your Blogger website.

In order to do this, click on the "Design" day in your desktop and click the "Edit HTML" tab. You will see a large text field where you can type your HTML in. Irrespective of whether you are creating your own template or using one of Blogger's ready-made layouts, you can click the "Edit HTML" header in the "Design" section to modify your HTML.

When you have used a Blogger template, edit the HTML that has been produced by a computer application using your choices from the Template Designer drop-down list. When you have made your own template, edit the HTML you have written. HTML uses a number of tag types to generate a command for your website.

HTML Tag mistakes cause trouble with the look of your blogs. However, if you type the final day wrong, the information between the opening and final days in your blogs will display wrong or even vanish forever. Typing the digits and marks will cause your whole blogs to vanish, force your users to end up on a totally empty web page.

There are a few ways you can fix the HTML bugs that cause your blogs - or parts of them - to go away. You can also use the Template Designer to create new HTML for your blogs and then stop editing the HTML while retaining the source generated by the computer generated HTML.

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