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Website Template Builder

The GoCentral is a website creation tool that offers much more than a standard Home Builder website template. Accelerate website delivery with Template Builder. Did you ever make a fifteenth installment of the same old kind of website and wish you were doing something more thrilling all the time, like participating in the Watching Paint Dry Championship? The Template Builder will make your job one barrel simpler. What is a Template Builder?

Make a template with all the plug-ins and topics you need to make a website.

You can use the template to create a new website instead of always beginning from zero. The most of you are in website developing for a long period of your life and you know the tedious repeatability of constructing the same kind of website over and over again. Particularly if it's an e-commerce site, as it needs a lot of plug-ins to run the way you want it to (editor's note: tap it with the meter jokes).

The Template Builder allows you to create the template only once and from there create the website according to your customer's needs. Customer wants to have the same website as the one in your product range, but with a different topic? Don't worry, create a template for this site and cluster it to your servers.

Then simply modify the topic to the one your customer wants. To start with, you can select between a neat WordPress install (for all your fields) and an established back-up of one of your web sites (if customization of the kernel is your thing). As you create the template, you can create or delete plug-ins and designs.

They can also select which plug-ins and themes to activate. In the meantime, you may wonder what will happen if the plugin/theme receives an upgrade. If this is the case, you have the possibility to keep the plugin/theme up to date automatic. Once you have deployed a website from a template, the upgrade is triggered for the chosen plugins/themes.

The Template Builder is free? When you use the neat WordPress install to build and share your WordPress template, it's totally free. But if you want to use your current website to build a template, you will need the Backup Plus on this website.

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