Template Create in Wordpress

Creating templates in Wordpress

Creating a WordPress Page Previously - Next What are WordPress plugins? WordPress. Creating page layouts You will learn how to create new page styles for your WordPress Cherry Framework template with this step. Login to your WordPress administration area. To create a new page with a new page template, go to the Pages -> New -> Create page option.

Enter a song on your new page and store it.

The Page Attributes area on the right lets you choose a page template from those already contained in the template. You will find all these page styles in the wp-content/themes/CherryFramework directory on your own FTP. However, you must create a new page template in the wp-content/themes/themes/theme######### on your ftp.

You can create a new filename in any . plp editors like Dreamweaver or Notepad++ and give it a name, e.g. new.php. Store the files and load them into the wp-content/themes/themes/theme########## Directory on your FTP. Return to the page you made in WordPress. The Page Attributes area lets you choose the new Custom page style.

Return to your new directory to begin to add your contents. It can contain anything you need, plus some statistical information or a mark-up that determines your page contents. To create a one-of-a-kind page, you can use items from other page styles in the wp-content/themes/CherryFramework directory.

By saving the changes, you can see them on your page: Suppose you don't have a page template for the customized contributions of "Our Team". You like the Testimonials page template and want to see the user-defined contributions of the "team" with the same outline.

The `Appearance -> Editor` option allows you to specify the name of the testimonial files used for the page template. You can open this document to modify it. It also contains a link to the loop/loop-testi files. php. It is another filename that you need to copy. Add it to the directory wp-content/themes/theme############/loop (if there is no loops directory, you have to create it).

Re-name the filename to e.g. loop-new. php and open it for processing. Modify the words "testi" anywhere in this filename to "team" and store the changes. Now that the loops - new. will create and modify new. phi, you can return to the new. phi and modify loop/loop - testti. phi to loop/loop - new. phi in cipher.

Store the changes and review your new page. There should be the team's user-defined contributions on the testimonial' page layouts. If you are looking for premier topics to create a professionally designed website, take a look at Wordpress template page layouts. You can also take a look at a large selection of WordPress template files for even more attractive looks.

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