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If you need a template for a normal page or posting, the Divi Library is your definitive creative asset.

If you need a template for a normal page or posting, the Divi Library is your definitive creative asset. That means you can create a theme for all your postings and create your own customized one. Once you need to optimize this theme, you can easily modify a template and the changes will apply to all your customized postingsutomatically.

In order to make a template for your customized mail items, please complete the steps below: Find the user-defined mail item for which you want to make the template and click the Make Content Template Button. The Content Template Editor appears. Press the Change with Divi Builders pushbutton to change this template.

Press the Edit with Divi Builder pushbutton to begin processing. Now use the three foundation modules (sections, rows, and modules) to create your template. Any Divi-Modul can be used in this environment to add user-defined field names to your template: In the Divi Text modul, use boxes if you only want to view the boxes.

If you need to use them as argument, use boxes in one of the Divi module. Divi styles you create can contain statical items and boxes from your work. Understand how to view field and list of contents in a template. That' s what our template for tours looks like.

Use the Divi Builders to create the template. Since then, all elements in your user-defined mail item Tour have exactly the same contents template created with Divi builder. When you customize this template later, the changes will be applied to all Tour contributions.

Consider the mail "Gondola trip in Venice". In the upper right hand corner you will see that the content template that was added to your posts is the same as the one we created with Divi Builder. Finally we created a template (left) and the frontend customized mail (right) with the Divi Builder without additional programming.

That means you can activate and deactivate side bars or modify the headers and footers for the template you design. Currently, a user-defined mail types on the frontend looks like this. It is easy to modify the topic option for this particular template. In the last section of the Content Template Editors, you can adjust the themes preferences for the content template.

As soon as the Topic editor is open, move down to the Topic Options section as shown below: You can click one of the preferences to modify it for the particular template you are currently working on. As soon as we have saved the template, the contributions that use it (in our example: tours) will all be shown without sidebars: However, this modification only affects contributions that use the template.

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