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Offer template UX/UI app/wwww Design. The Envato Items Many thanks to Elemntor and Envato for this great teamwork! Everyone who is serious about the small printed text (AGBs) that you would like to take a few moments to review and this small printed text...

It is not permitted to assert the copyrights of a website if it uses a template, even if you change the template! Argue enough for me to create my own designs instead of going into that rabbithole.

Naturally, you cannot assert copyrights on a template that you have not designed and programmed. Protect the content of this website by copyrights. Maybe you want to protect your WordPress source against copyrights? The Envato has a serious website problem and has excluded me from my Envato accounts every single times I have tried to verify it.

They sent me an email to shut down their accounts and renewed their subscriptions. True web designer do not use template. It is a great concept, but I take the point of creation of my own template, but it adds value in the ultimate work, not only the overall look, but several elements of the overall look, such as colour searching, discussions, meetings, telephone, pictures, photographs, originals, texts, and everything related to the site itself.

The Brizy Page builder provides this and is a timesaver. Fill a colour and it will update anywhere on the site! Also for those who want to start with the freelancer, it can definitely help! Envato I knew of, but didn't know that they had previously built a plug-in it' to try, I think, thanks Ben!

It' good to have more artwork. However, looking at more than 350 originals would take a long while. 350+ samples are free of charge. Subscribing to the remainder of Envato will cost $200/year.

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