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Looking for high quality free HTML5 templates? Download free HTML5 CSS3 website templates and bootstrap themes. Receive free HTML5 website templates for businesses, agencies, portfolios, photographers, charities, non-profit organizations, restaurants, blogs, events, personal or other websites. See page 1 / 32 of our free website templates. The Besloor Website Template - Besloor Template Type:

Best 40 Free HTML5 Website Template & WordPress Website Template

With HTML5, your website will be more intelligent and quicker.... Use HTML5 website template to help you create compelling web sites with ease. HTML5 has many user-friendly and developer-friendly functions, here are some of the HTML5's unparalleled functions. Most importantly, HTML5 now lets you create stylish shapes and surface enhancements with less JavaScript usage.

HTML5 sites are easy and portable to use in a single term, meeting all the requirements of the site in this thousand-year age. When you run a restaurant or quick foods company, there is no question that you need a website. Get things right with the free Marco HTML5 website template and cast all the fights away.

Suddenly everything becomes very easy. The astonishing web layout and numerous practical functions allow you to create and run a working site in no time at all. Naturally, the template is delivered with a clearly arranged menue and beverage list as well as a booking formula next to the Google Maps area.

HTMLTL5's free website template puts an inventive web theme on the desk with a focus on large pictures. Tidy and contemporary web designing offers all your guests a great way to learn about your school. Wherever they come from, Ezuca makes sure your site always looks the same with the same pros.

The Lingua website offers an exclusively web designed platform for the creation of on-line linguistic training courses. Lingua has a clear and reduced front page style that is easy to get everyone interested. But before they know it, they are already a few scrolling deeply into your website, using the sign-up screen to sign up for your free and coming classes.

You' ll also find the extra blogs and contacts areas that will definitely contribute to your entire website. Let everything fall and relish it in Martxa free HTML5 website template. With this versatile and powerful software solution, you'll be able to do your own serious and surprisingly inexpensive work. All of them are uniquely and originally, each in its own way.

Martxa also provides all Martxa customers with free online support to help them successfully complete the website creation lifecycle. Like Luto, your grocery company will enjoy tremendous popularity. This free HTML5 website template is stylish and easy to use with lots of love for detail. Here's Unapp for a refreshing busy application that needs all the credit it merits.

Immediately available to you, this free utility also allows you to customize it to your specific needs. Unnapp is free! Unapp's modern and fashionable designs are fast reacting and implement the latest web and technology fashions. Blogger of all themes, organize your webspaces with Callie's free HTML5 website template.

Use it to blogs about fashions, travelling, lifestyle, technology, healthcare, food and more. The only thing you need to do is get this free HTML5 website and begin using it. Jackson Template is a great choice for both those looking for work and freelancers.

It' s a one-sided template with a tacky LH side bar and a clean slide control. What can we do to make this compilation of the best free HTML5 website template as diverse as possible? It' a breathtaking, minimum and fashionable e-commerce website template designed exclusively for on-line clothing houses. With Essence, for your information, you can also launch a modelog or use it as your own e-commerce tool for your current on-line store, which will help you realise all your dreams.

WebMag quickly adjusts to your needs and demands with its clear and modern look. With no need to rebuild a page from the ground up, do it with our handy free HTML5 website template and spend the savings you save to market and develop your projects. But the taxi template does offer many other great ways to put it and tell them why and how they will profit from what you are doing.

Lovely hidden object features, photogallery, blog, working contactsheet, Google Maps and a number of robust web items are waiting for you as soon as you start downloading the taxi template. Increase your capacities and experience taxi trade expansion. No matter what you are going to do and try to achieve with this free HTML5 website template, your chances of being successful are great.

It has a web site that makes every web site visitor feel good. It' a high-performance and free HTML5 website template with a wide range of functions that allows you to span all the sections of your healthcare and gym operation. Most importantly, Robust is a versatile and extensible template that you can easily change to suit your own style.

That' right, Mimosan is a free HTML5 website template that you can also use for non-profit organizations. It' a nice, powerful and meticulously streamlined web template with all the necessary features to build a convincing web site for your community. Mimosan makes sure that nothing is lacking with count down timers for forthcoming meetings, preaching, donations, blogging, whatever.

If you want something extra, you have to get past everything else and just work with the glitter-free HTML5 website template. It is a highly efficient, state-of-the-art and professionally designed instrument that does not give the appearance of being a free object. Inspire every attendee and turn them into faithful customers with the strength of our eye-catching template GLOB.

Of course, Balita might be the best for something like a travelling and clothing blog, but is not restricted to that. Instead, you can customize it to all kinds of other themes and let the theme present your contents in the best possible way. If you run an office for internal architecture or architecture, make sure that your website is as professionally as your work.

Let them work together to achieve the best overall results and, of course, grow the company. Exactly one of the tools that will do this for you is Balay's free HTML5 website template. His web designs meet the highest quality and follow the latest web trend for the best performing website ever.

Make full use of the template and go against the standard with the new look Balay puts on the canvas. Travelista not only has a compelling home section, but also every other inner page you need to run your company successfully on the web. You can also launch a trip log and use it for your own CMS.

In this handpicked compilation of premium free HTML5 website template files, I wager you didn't want a bakery template, did you? As soon as you have completed the web site with your appetising pastries, the mouths become all watery. A great love of detail, great videos upport, blogs, lots of exciting web items and an interactive Google Maps online search engine are all part of the bakery pack.

Immediately after downloading the template for free, you can begin to build your website. As the name suggests, it is a single page HTML5 website template, using advanced website web site design standard. Featuring lots of whitespace, the website template looks very professionally and neat. This website template provides you with the chapters such as Services section, Recommendations section and a Geolocalization functions area.

Using CSS3 and Javascript makes this website template easy and quicker than other non-HTML5 website template. The template is best suited for commercial pages, private webpages. Using symbols on the pricing maps looks stylish on this one-page website template.

The Radius is an attractive HTML5 website template. Use this website template for a photograph website. In particular, the Home and About buttons up and down look like a section of a blank field; they look elegantly between them. With all these small details making this HTML5 website template a great choice for photo and home page web sites, some of the trip loggers can also find this website template interesting.

Save is a multi-page HTML5 website template with large default right -hand menus and a raster display. Website template is neat and minimalist with plenty of empty spaces. Maintaining the original website as the topic, the website template is created for portfolios, studio and design agency websites as well as blogs that like contemporary designs.

Because it is an HTML5 website, the use of Java Script is greatly simplified, making this website template easy to use. Ciba is a free WordPress HTML5 website template, the best choice for the blogger. They have a marked section above, and the home page shows the marked pictures and title of the entry in the Maurer website page layouts.

The WordPress Blogs topic is best suited for motion blogs and blogs that use actual photographs instead of archival one. You can also get a trial copy of this WordPress website template where you can get enhanced functionality and premier technical assistance from the topic-writers. Papers is a great HTML5 website template for ladies.

Papers is a free HTML5 website template with almost all the advanced functions for a blogs. This is a multi-page website template with a clear lay-out, Instagram Feedback feature and Instagram Feedback feature. There' also a seperate contacts page with an easy and stylish way for the users to get in touch with you.

History is a HTML5 website template that contains new HTML5 HTML 5 and Web Content Management (CSS) styles. Vertical boxes with changing picture and text layouts on the blank surface make it look great. Automated gliding in a roundabout when driving over the arrow is a well thought-out concept.

Services are designed simply, without animations or transitions. Knobs in blacks on the back of the blank area are a good concept, but they look a little old. Unless you are a someone so choosy about your website style, you can use this website template. It' still a good choice for a free HTML5 website template.

Blaskan WordPress is a plain HTML5 Website template for blogging. It' a minimalist template with all the necessary website items that you need to create a professionally styled blogs. WordPress template is based on upgraded HTML5 and CSS3 coding standard, which makes this site suitable for today's browsers and devices.

It' also a reactive website template so your visitors can see and reread your blogs with ease on portable gadgets and other portable handhelds. On the right side of the screen is a broadget area with all necessary features such as info, searching, current posts and tagging to make the site more engaging for you.

Apppex is a free HTML5 website template for Apple Pages. What is really special about this website template is that you can modify the entire colour of the website. View a website thumbnail in the desired colour and upload the template. Otherwise, the website template follows a straightforward one.

There are almost no transitional effect or motion effect on any part of the website, which makes this website template less interactively among the advanced CSS website template. You can use this website template for your own application or for other web pages. ApexApp' website template is just the thing for you if you're looking for a straightforward website template.

Fairness is the exact opposite of the ApexApp website template; it gives you a one-page HTML5 website template experience. The template contains all the general web pages required for a professionally designed website. Shadows in black and blue on the back of the whitespace make this website template look like a stylish looking website.

Transfer economies are clear and easy. The HTML5 Web site template was developed using the lawyer's office web site as a topic. This template can also be used for other web sites. Shopsisle is a free e-commerce WordPress website template. One of the best free e-commerce website template you can get.

The HomeState is a fully equipped HTML5 website for property. What's special about this website template is that it contains all the web items and functions you need in a property website. The template is a multi-page website template, all motion and transitions are neat and added in the right place.

ETHEREAAL is a contemporary scrollable website template. Navigating is the singular point of this website template. However, on portable computers, it only functions as a horizontally scrollable website template. Unlike the horizontally scrollable surface, it is a light-coloured website with contemporary, fashionable colour sequences as a backdrop.

This is a one-page HTML5 website template. This template has sections like; about, provided service, galleries and contacts page. The template is best suited for sites with a private portfolios. Atentus is a website template of architectural style. However, its clear styling and pro style make it ideal for any website. As soon as you have changed the pictures, you can immediately launch your HTML BI page.

It' a multi-page free HTML5 website template. Temporary and animated transitions are easy and neat; styles of work are also following the latest fashion standards. This way you can ensure yourself that you get a state-of-the-art website template for your website. Especially the galery themes are great, and the use of easy symbols for the price tickets looks sleek on the website template.

Orty is a bespoke website template in a brick-style designer look. It' a bright, eye-catching website template and the best look to present your work. Brickwork styled layouts make this website template the best choice for the photographic website. Using HTML5 and CSS3 makes this website easy and fast to load.

Reduces the use of useless Java Script so that this template weighs less on the webpage. Forty' website template pages are also clear and colourful. There is a tidy, easy comments field at each contribution. is a one-page website template of the start-up agent kind.

The website template has advanced website typefaces that are fat, imaginative and neat. To use this website template without changes, it can be used as a target page. When some optimizations are made, then this template can be used for a website. This can also be used for a contemporary website of an advertising company if you want to keep your website easy with contemporary design and no need for entertainment effect.

The use of black symbols in fat print attracts a lot of interest, a basic website template with only basic characteristics. Beryllium is also an architectural website template like Asentus. There is also a multi-page website template with all the websites that a website will have in general. Because it' s an architectural website, your great photographs of the architectural theme immediately attract users' interest.

Aside from the slide control, you only get hyper effect on this website template. Symbols used to describe the service are clearly laid out and fit in well with the template website layout. It is a easy, uncomplicated website template for web sites, both commercial and corporate. Multisverse is a website photography template.

Designed on HTML5, CSS3 and using only minimum Javascript, the website template makes this site easy and fast. As it is based on HTML5, all pictures in the template for the photo website are designed to match any screen resolution, i.e. this template responds by default. Therefore, the template is based on HTML5.

Karmo is a multipage website template with paraallax effect. The graphic and animation components are neat and easy to use, making this website template ideal for design offices, studio and branch offices. Small particulars are also carefully checked on this website template. Receive all the necessary website items for a busy website such as counter, galleries and more.

This website template has a fantastic degree of detail. Altogether an outstanding website template free of charge. Like the name suggests, Mh is a WordPress website template. Although it is a free WordPress topic, it has all the essential functionality and website items that you will need in a magazines website.

There' also a professional copy of this website template where you get enhanced functionality and paid top-quality assistance from the topic-writers. The Coni is a one-page WordPress Web site template. It' a neat looking WordPress website template with all the necessary website functions that are required for a commercial website.

Tidy and stylish transitions are created as you move down. A few marketing specialists believe that emphasizing a designated pricing map will cause folks to review it more often; in this sense, a pricing map is emphasized in the pricing section of the website template. Quite openly, WordPress template is more useful and easier to use than the HTML template.

Although HTML5 has greatly enhanced, it is not as user-friendly as a CMS. However, in crude HTML website template upgrading website contents and maintenance is a challenging job. Choose the best HTML5 template you want. What is your preferred HTML5 website template?

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