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With multiple themes installed, the theme version is now the date and time of creation. Speed dial generator for WordPress topics In order to make working with shortcuts easier, we have developed the WordPress Theme Generator, which allows you to easily manage shortcuts by dragging and dropping by simply typing information into the input field and putting the finished shortcut into the textbox. View the brief introductory slideshow or transcribe from the online tour.

Hello, I am showing you a speed dial generator for WordPress topics. Every WordPress topic contains a number of links that you can use on your Web site. I' ll show you how to place short codes on your website using the easy to use short codec generator using Drag&Drop. Normally, all available shortcuts of the topic are shown on a page on the demonstration site, where you will find a shortcut that needs to be used.

Instead, use the short code generator. How to find a short key generator? Use the generator with user-defined text widgets, pages, or postings. Beneath the editors is the short-code icon - Insert short-codes. To open a speed dial generator range, click the icon. You will now see three parts, all available shortcuts of the topic, the filing area, the short code thumbnail and three buttons: use short code, copy to paste to pasteboard, restore.

What do I do with a short code? Dragging and dropping, or click the element to make a shortcut. Let's click on the short form of the testament. This will appear in the drop-down menu and on the right side we have to make entries. Perhaps this abbreviation is quite simple, but if you use the videotape, the detail information will be much more valued.

We then have two pushbuttons (2) - a brief example pushbutton gives you some example information. It' a ready-made shortcut, you can use it, but it's just an example. Activities related to speed-dial fields in the drop-down menu now. As soon as you have shortcuts in the drop-down menu, you can use the plus symbol to enter another one.

It is necessary to click the Adjust parameter key to store it, and when you then click Copy replica, another one will appear under the first and with the dates you have already typed for the one before. What can I do to modify the order of the shortcuts? Such as, for example, eyewitness endorsement, more reading and movie.

By dragging and dropping you can modify the order, you can enter one speed dial into another, for example, let's learn more about the testament. However, the addition of more shorts to videos is disabled - because it doesn't make much sence to do so. This way you can successively insert shortcuts, they are shown one after the other on a website, and you can easily rearrange the order using simple drag-and-drop.

What is the best way to put shortcuts side by side? To do this, you can use a raster map and insert other shortcuts. It' simple series, with one colum, the colum is now by default 100% broad, but use the boatstrap with 1-12 numbers, according to the bootstrap-12 colum rules.

When you want to show shortcuts in a line, you can just insert another line. If you want to place three shortcuts in one line, just insert another one. By default, when you paste a piece of text into the text box, you must use colums inside the line. The same rule applies to tables and chords as we have shortcuts and table elements inside.

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