Template Maker for Wordpress

Creating templates for Wordpress

With this plugin you can create your own template pages. I use Form Maker from Wordpress and have a custom form that I want to change the design of, but have no idea about programming. You can create content blocks or layouts and save them as templates for reuse on your WordPress page. Create amazing blog graphics from your Wordpress page.

It was Jelani Brown who wrote the theme: Worldpress Form Maker Topics

I use Wordpress Shape Maker and have a customized Shape from which I want to modify the design, but have no idea of programming. Personally, I want a topic like that presented on the Form Maker website. Do you have stylesheets for your topics? To join the call, please login or set up an affiliate area.

The WordPress topics are not yet part of the plug-in but we can make the template for you. Can you please tell me which style of forms you would like to have? Please also submit a WordPress admin account for your website via this contact page.

If you need a form, we can prepare it for you and make its style available. Sincerely yours, Agapi G. Please log in or set up an email to join the call.

WordPress Slider Maker plugin with free templates from Clidermaker

With our template you can help you build great slider in a few moments. Just substitute pictures and text on the template and it is done to be incorporated into your website. With SliderMaker' support for all common text filtering tools, you no longer need to use Adobe Photoshop to produce cool-looking text. There is a large selection of pictures that you can use in your projects, as well as the manipulation of its characteristics and the creation of amazingly unstable effect.

Generate stunning animations that support transition and loosening, and of course the timeline gives you full power over your animations. To get an updated version now, just refresh the SliderMaker plug-in via the "Check for Updates" menu on the Plugins page. Favourite categories of stunning templates with professional quality design.

Resize your pictures, adjust contrast, apply filters and more to make your own unique pictures. Now SliderMaker is even better! To get an updated version now, just refresh the SliderMaker plug-in via the "Check for Updates" menu on the Plugins page. You can now enlarge the image to work with very large and small pictures.

Corrected a problem that could cause incorrect line feeds in the text when new slider controls were imported. Corrected a problem where image uploads had incorrect permissions. Corrected a problem where the Preview Slider pane was not displayed correctly.

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