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Monster Review Template: All you need to know

On different market places you can buy template for many different WebCms. The Template Monster is one of the best known. The report guides you through the most important features of a template space and assesses how Template Monster works: What are the topic choices?

What is the price of Template Monster? What is it like to find a topic you like? What is the difficulty of installing a design you have acquired? If you have problems with a topic, what kind of assistance is available? What are the topic choices? When you use WordPress, but a bazaar has no WordPress topics, it is not useful for you.

The Template Monster has topics for a multitude of content management systems, both for blog and e-commerce pages. At the time of preparing this report, the number of topics available for each of the platforms is listed here: A brief look at the topics shows that most of them have a contemporary, appealing outfit. Choosing from a hundred topics to select from for even less beloved applications is a symbol of good versatility.

It' s almost impractical not to find at least one of so many choices that you like. In addition to these software-specific topics, you can also buy Web template on Template Monster. Those template are topics created from pure HTML5 and Javascript, ideal if you don't use CMS at first.

What is the price of Template Monster? A lot of companies use a template mainly because they are saving costs because they don't have to re-program a website from the ground up. Generally, the originals mostly reach from $55-120. They are slightly higher than topics found in other market places like ThemeForest, but not a lot mad.

Note that the starting pricing is for a one-time topic only. In order to have it installed on more than one site, you must either purchase more than one copy or some topics provide developers licences (typically up to 5 sites) for an additional charge. In addition to the basic charge, there are a number of additional options that the topic writer can provide.

It' simple to buy $200-300 if you checked out by then. What is it like to find a topic you like? Only because a market place has literally hundred of topics for your CMS doesn't mean it's simple to find one that you really like. Nobody wants to go through 300 different topics one after the other by hand.

First part of the topic finder is the results pane, which can be accessed by looking for a term or click on a topic (e.g. "WordPress"): You can see 2-4 topics per line according to your monitor area. They' re big enough to give you a good picture of what the topic looks like without you having to click through to each topic page.

Using the page filter, you can further limit the results by first selecting a subcategory (e.g. "Fashion and Beauty" or "Education and Books"). Dependent on your CMS, you will probably be skipped with 50-100 topics after you have selected all the filter you want, which is a good number of topics.

What is the difficulty of reinstalling a design? Payment can be made by PayPal or any other popular payment method. Once you have bought a design, you can dowload the sources in a condensed format. The installation of your design from there is no different from the installation of another design.

There is nothing out of the ordinary, you can access and download your design from your profile at any moment. If you have problems with a topic, what kind of assistance is available? The majority, though not all, of those who buy topics are relatively non-technical. There is a small blister symbol on each page of the Template Monster website that appears in the lower right hand side of the page.

Overall, Template Monster makes all sides of a template market place very good. Here is my best try of an overview of Template Monster: No. of topic optionsWide choice of topics for all current content management systems. CostThe most commonly themed prize is $75. When you buy add-ons like web host or installer help, you can get up to $200-300+ with ease.

Find functionalityYou can choose by CMS, categories, function, styles and colors. The results of the research will show you clearly what a topic looks like, saving you a great deal of work. Difficulties installingIf you are buying a topic, you can always get a copy of it from your affiliate area. It is possible to cut costs on other topic market places (stay up to date for forthcoming reviews).

In view of the diversity of topics, functions and supports, the price structure of Template Monster makes sense.

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