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XD Website Templates & Landing Pages User Interface hohagh Hossen shares another XD-free. The UIXREX is another page template that follows the previously sketched layout of the matrix page we introduced a few pages ago. Have a look at today's XD free game, made by Md Kawsar. Colorful and animal-friendly page approach, completely built with XD.

Thank you for the message! Thanks to Shohagh Hossen for creating and distributing this new free XD ressource. This is an elegant template that you can use as an inspirational tool for your own website. Thank you for interacting with the XD Fellowship. New XD free-bie, courtesy of Ibrahim Osama.

This is a minimalist website template Landing Page, which you can freely choose to use. Today's free movie was produced and divided by Micha? Mareczko. Clear and minimalist one-page template from Adobe XD. Thank you for the message! Have a look at today's XD free game produced by Pawet.

Get this free CRM landing page template from Adobe XD. Thank you for the message! Here's another great XD free from CreativeGeek. Free news portal for you to down load. The CreativeGeek shares another XD free, a template for free downloadable content sites. Thank you very much for the exchange with the XD-Group!

We present another free game from CreativeGeek today. This is a neat and easy website bookkeeping template that has been built with XD. Upload this free ressource now! Thanks to the gifted staff of impekable  for passing on this new free Adobe XD ressource. A ecommerce website template with sleek and stylish design. Have a look at today's free movie made by Hozak.

This is a free of charge free of charge file download! Here's a nice new free babe, courtesy of Sergey Gardeychik. Useful template for the website that you can free of charge downlaod. We present today a great free bie from Vanya Gorbunov. It is an skateboard website template that has been completely crafted in XD. Thank you for joining the fellowship.

Tonight we show another XD-Freebie by Pierluigi Giglio. This is a kit of 6 deshboard template that is part of one of its bigger UI upgrade kit that you can find here. Thank you for letting the fellowship know. It' a classy administration template, neat, easy and beautifully made. Thank you for this great free-bie!

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