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May I use a free WordPress theme for my website? The WordPress Themes will have your website ready in minutes. Allows you to translate all strings on your WordPress page using WPML or Polylang plugin. Allgiant is a visually appealing multi-purpose WordPress theme with many features and widgets that help you create a stunning WordPress page. Allgiant is a visually appealing multi-purpose WordPress theme with many features and widgets that help you create a stunning WordPress page.

50-plus Best Video Background WordPress Topics 2018

The use of a videobackground is a favorite style and it can really help your website outstand. Find out how and why you should use a WordPress wallpaper and then select one of these great WordPress topics to get to work! However, one of the trends that has become more and more widespread in recent years is the "video background" effect.

As the speed of the web continues to increase, it is now possible to use videos for wallpapers, faders and places where we can't do it otherwise. When your business or your products have a specific look (or when you want to present your business, customer project or past work), a good way to build your business and give your website a vibrant look can be in a streaming footage form.

Any of these WordPress wallpaper topics can do just that - featured in a new and interesting way. Each of these topics is selected for its strong base capabilities, easy-to-use interface and classy styling. Begin with something that adds a funny backdrop to your videos and construct the remainder of your website around it with drag-and-drop capabilities, high-performance plug-ins and e-commerce integrations.

Naturally you also have to find a nice one! Search no further than our six locations to find a free WordPress wallpaper for your WordPress wallpaper! This is a professionally photofocused and video-focused subject with a contemporary look. Inspiro is full of functions like a full-screen slide show that includes support for YouTube and self-hosted movies in the back, a widgettized homepage, and a galleries engine. Inspiro is ideal for presenting your portfolios, pictures and movies.

The Mesmerize is an unbelievably high-performance, adaptable web site that lets you mix and match your web site's styling choices to build a truly custom web site. Customize backgrounds, overlays, graphic separators, spacing, head layouts, and more to make your own more. WooCommerce offers the possibility to get a backdrop and a lot of extra features and possibilities (including WooCommerce support).

Have a look at the full spectrum of demonstrations to see how strong this is. The Dash is a light, fat corporate/agency topic that fully embraces the use of a full backdrop effect. In full frame mode or in a slide bar, it's a good option for working with videos. Comes with a variety of different layout, pages and styles for you to build a fully-fledged multi-purpose website.

Among the visual effect is a Kenn Burn's Faze, which is a great, original look. By dragging and dropping, Visual Composer makes it simple for you to move to a nice design that is fully tailored to your company. As well as the Visual Composer's off-the-shelf component parts, this themes includes a further 18 items developed specifically for Dash!

The Inview is a contemporary minimalist WordPress topic with a minimum amount of backdrop content, offering a full-screen look to attract the interest of your audience. It is available in both wallpaper and image-slider version. It' perfect for creating a web site dedicated to photography and designer portfolios. Visual Composer, Revolutionlider, and WooCommerce plug-ins are also supported.

Amazon is a WordPress topic with backgrounds of videos developed for the creation of agencies' web sites and landings pages. There are several home page variations, among them sliding backgrounds, self-hosted backgrounds and YouTube backgrounds. Created with Visual Composer, you can also modify and adjust this design with the Drag&Drop Designer.

The Melissa is a neat WordPress blogs topic, equipped with a cutting-edge headers section with full supports for streaming background music. This topic provides a brickwork styled design for a brick wall grids posting to include your blogs. The topic is best suited for creating a face-to-face blogs or magazinestyle blogs. Vocabulary is a high-performance WordPress topic that comes with different homepage design genres.

There are 18 different homepage styles in bright and deep colors and it offers different version with background videos, images with parallel axes and picture controls. This topic also comes with several meal styles. This is a new WordPress topic for the creation of web sites for the musical world. Besides the homepage layout libraries, there is also a good choice of ready-made contents for the inside pages of your website, such as tours, discographies, blogs and web shops.

With Mitex is a one-page WordPress topic with excellent streaming media capabilities. All of this will help make Mitex one of the best WordPress topics for your backgrounds. At Sabvag we should give you everything you need to create a rich website with WordPress. Regardless of whether your site contains videos or not, you can simply use this topic to create a wallpaper for your website.

Our libraries or ready-made templates and contents covers a wide variety of style options to ensure your website has the right look and feel. Your website will look and feels the way you want it to. is a WordPress topic for the creation of web pages for professionals. No matter if you are a contractor, advisor or other business owner, this high-performance WordPress topic with wallpaper can help you create a professionally looking website.

Apart from the fact that it is simple to append your website backgrounds to your videos, anything else about your website can be customised with the Miro issue. The Universal is a versatile WordPress topic designed for those who create enterprise Web sites. New to WordPress or with little elapsed notice, you'll want to know that buying Universal involves a free themes set-up to help you get your site up and running with as little hassle as possible.

In addition, Universal has an amazing features set that competes with the most favorite WordPress topics for your camcorder wallpaper. The BizMart and its one-page layouts are perfect for building sites that use videotapes. BizMart's topic choices and preferences are not tight and give you full creative freedom over the look and feel of your website.

The WPBakery Page Builder plug-in can also be used to customise the demos of this topic. The Cimol is a classy WordPress subject matter that can be used in single or multi-page formats to help you divide your work on-line and attract new customers and potential employees. You can import the various home page themes into your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, so you can create your own custom contents before you launch your new web site for portfolios, blogs or creativity tools.

The VenturePress is a business-oriented WordPress topic with great backing for streaming wallpapers. No matter if you want to use the demonstration contents as they are or start the built-in Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in to build something new and special, VenturePress is a great WordPress topic with wallpaper. is a multifunctional topic that can help you build any kind of website with WordPress.

No matter if you want to create a web site for your company, an on-line product range, a web site, a newsletter or a blogsite, Silva should have a pre-configured demonstration that is appropriate. In addition to the option to include your posts, pages, and other contents with your own background videos, Sliva comes with other useful features such as a Page Builder, WooCommerce functionality, and numerous adjustment preferences and option.

A OneLander is a page wordpress topic that was developed to help you advertise your store, your service, your product or anything else on-line. Like you would want a topic in this library to be, you can use wallpapers throughout your website if you need them. oriento is a WordPress design studio and design studio with a rich content management and design tool that makes it simple to create your website with your own background videos.

Much of the pre-built contents in the oriento themed pack are prepared for wallpapers and for those who are," it's very easy to add this function to your pages. Orio has some stunning demonstrations in his libary, which makes it a good option for creative people in this compilation of the best WordPress topics with wallpaper videos.

The KingMa is an amazing multifunctional wallpaper that makes it simple for you to easily attach wallpapers to your WordPress website. No matter which of the KingMa website demonstrations you decide on, with just a few mouse clicks you' ll be able to get to all the important functions of this area. But thanks to the Contents Template and Element Libraries and Plug and Play Editors, you can shuffle and sync all the best parts of the Shield topic to build your own customized website.

is an e-commerce topic developed for the creation of e-commerce shops with WordPress and the WooCommerce plug-in. When you want to use videotapes to advertise your franchise and showcase your product, you' re sure to find all the functionality and styling you need in our nine e-commerce demonstrations. iDesk is made to help you create a professionally-looking helpdesk website for your projects.

This is another multi-concept WordPress topic that makes good use of the background videos. You can easily include your website with your own wallpapers, from large headers on your home pages to versatile page segments. Featuring 15 website demonstrations and 8 blast-layout blog combos, you should have no problem building the right website for your projects with Google Explorer.

The Naila is a one-page WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for the creation of corporate and advertising web sites. You can use the option of a full-screen backlit wallpaper to draw the real eye of your audience. Support ing YouTube and sliders makes Naila one of the best WordPress topics for advertising website creation.

The Riwa is another WordPress topic with a backdrop of videos using the much-loved one-page filetype. Topic preferences make it easier to view full-width contents on your website, complete with faders, pictures, and of course your own wallpaper. Riwa personalization should not be a big deal since the high-performance Slider Revolution and Visual Composer plug-ins are part of the themeset.

If you have many high-quality pictures and movies that you would like to integrate into your WordPress website, you might want to consider using them. No matter whether you are building an on-line inventory, an agent's website or any other kind of website, wave and its backing for streaming wallpapers should be able to help you reach your objectives.

The Benten has a clear and sleek look that can be improved by supporting full-screen movie wallpapers. No matter whether you want to use YouTube, your website's multimedia libraries, or the built-in Slide Show Builder, you can simply insert your website's motion-based wallpapers. With WordPress, Siena can help you build a classy photo portfolios website.

While Siena is primarily designed for the display of stills, it also has great backdrop capabilities for videos. Using the supplied slide control, you can easily mix your best photographs into an Animated Show that can also be used as a backdrop for your website. Combining the one-page website style with the option of multiple wallpapers, Cizarua can help you build a classy web presence with WordPress.

All digital agents, self-employed and amateurs can use this WordPress wallpaper motif to present their work on-line. If you want to select which contents to show on your website, you can directly add your movies to your WordPress media library or view YouTube movies as wallpaper contents. You can select from several website demonstrations, among them a number with wallpapers.

Pheromones allow you to adjust the ads for all your pages even the homepage, which makes them one of the most versatile choices in this compilation of the best WordPress topics for the wallpaper videos. No matter what kind of website you need to build, the multifunctional web site should be more than up to the job.

Powerax is another one-page website Builder in this compilation of the best WordPress topics for the wallpaper of your website. Four pre-built homepage layouts give you a fast way to start your website, while the Visual Composer Page Builder makes it simple for you to customise the demonstration work. You can display your site's movies as wallpapers from a variety of resources, among them YouTube and other web hosters.

The Valdis is a fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress topic that uses high-impact background videos. More than 30 different layout can be customised using the Visual Composer Pagebuilder tool, which helps you build a customised website with the Valdis themed. The Slider Revolution is also supplied and gives you the option to include your website slide shows.

The Balzac offers full wallpaper backup so you can select from a variety of source for your videos. Balzac's WordPress topics include all the ready-made layout and template you' d like. The VesaUP is a WordPress one-page professional wallpaper topic that comes with a variety of homepage layout and design options.

In addition to posting video-backed assets on your WordPress site, VesaUP also lets you publish picture galeries and other asset shares. Whatever you decide for this design, you should have no problems to create a website with VesaUP. The Speaker is a WordPress topic for music-related web sites and sound related project.

But because it's a WordPress topic for your videos wallpaper, it won't take much trouble adapting it to other kinds of Web sites. With a large homepage area for picture and wallpaper, your website will attract the eye of your sights as soon as they reach you.

With Apolo you can view full-screen video and pictures as wallpaper on your WordPress website. There are also slider controls you can make for your website's look, either in the front or in the back, to help you give your website a hint of sizzle. Since both YouTube and Vimeo video are fully compatible, you should have no problems locating your wallpaper feed.

It' simple with B&W to show your wallpapers in the headers or in your WordPress post and pages. When you want to add value to your contents, using this function might be a good one. Others included a Page builder utility, advanced adjustment details, and many template files, making this one of the most compelling WordPress topics for your camcorder wallpaper.

Folio Fun is a good option for any kind of on-line portfolioproject. But if you work with videos and motion pictures, this might be one of the best WordPress topics for the backdrop of your website videos. Bento's broad and roomy subject design gives your contents lots of room to breath - ideal for building a web site for your portfolios.

You have the possibility to add a wallpaper to your homepage and the inner contents when creating your website. You can also choose an images slide show as the backdrop for added versatility. A versatile, web-enabled WordPress topic, Perfect is developed to attract the interest of your audience.

Three homepage variants are available, each of which can show a different wallpaper if desired. Using a large selection of page styles you should be able to build any kind of website with the WordPress Peak Topic-Video Background. The topic comes with a useful collection of template materials for you to publish your contents in a variety of ways.

When you want to build a website to share your adventure and story, then Lore and his Aesop Story Engine is one of the best WordPress topics for the backdrop that you can select. The Novalumen is a contemporary WordPress topic that makes very good use of the wallpapers. Thanks to its large page template and layout libraries, this topic can be used for a variety of projects.

Basing on the way you set up your website, you can effortlessly include your home page and the inside pages of your website with your own header videos. The Oringin is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that comes with a website demonstration that uses a wallpaper movie on the home page. It gives you a great way to welcome your website traffic with a classy movie.

The Slider Revolution plug-in is also included with Oringin, giving you an easier way to include videos and picture slider controls to your website. Bridging is a multi-purpose WordPress topic based on the very high performance and flexibility of QODE's frameworks. A full-featured website can be up and run in just a few moments, and the subject has all the features you need.

It is a nice, minimalist WordPress subject with clear contours and subtile colors. Ideal for full-screen wallpapers or video, it offers 20 different demonstration designs to get you up and running quickly. Every one of them is totally breathtaking, and the subject is packed with everything else you would expected - Visual Composer, multilingual assistance, brick laying out, WooCommerce assistance - whatever!

This is a high-performance and easily customizable WordPress topic that can be either one-page or multi-page. Delivered with Visual Composer Page builder with over twenty user-defined items and Revolution slider (for beautiful slide shows or videotapes). WooCommerce is the latest WooCommerce release (all style templates) and provides WPML functionality to help you easily convert your website to other language versions.

It' perfectly suited for the creation of a classy wallpaper video/introduction, has an sleek classic look and works as a blogs, portfolios, shop or more. Multifaceted is a neat, fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress topic. GoodLayers Page Builders for your page design and the Master Slider (which is perfectly suited for the creation of a wallpaper) are included.

This is a very varied, strong topic! The Jarvis is a great one-page WordPress topic for companies, agents, non-profit organizations, professionals or any other general store! There are twelve homepage variants, wallpaper movie backup, six navigational modes, hundred of symbols and full multilingualism ( RTL included). WordPRess is a high-quality topic with a clear layout that presents your work in a flowing way and distinguishes your agency as an exceptional creator.

The Enfold is a neat, ultra-modern and fully reactive WordPress topic suitable for commercial websites, on-line shops or stylish portfolio. Modify your font, colors, background (including videotapes ), use para-lax effect, incorporate into WooCommerce and more. This is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that gives you everything you need to go stylish on-line.

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