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Wordpress Portfolio Template

The Portfolio Lite is a free WordPress portfolio theme developed for the struggling artist. The portfolio themes of Obox WordPress are perfect for freelance designers, illustrators, photographers and artists. Lite Portfolio - Free WordPress Portfolio Topic for Artists and Creatives

And I know what it's like to advertise for almost nothing of Craigslist's creativity in order to create a portfolio. To starve an actor to death is not a simple matter. For this reason we have developed Portfolio Lite. It is a free WordPress portfolio topic for designers who get their money's worth when it comes to building a professionally managed portfolio.

The Portfolio Lite is a streamlined edition of our premier portfolio topic. Offering everything an performer needs for a great portfolio site without the flake. View your work in a multi-column category lay-out and view as many slide shows of your work as you want using the slide show page template.

A minimalist and proffesional style with a working emphasis is the hallmark of the subject. The Portfolio Lite is fully reactive and retinoptimized. This means that your work of art will be displayed nicely on every unit. Build your portfolio website today with the free Portfolio Lite thread! View the category in a portfolio outline. These designs were made for self hosting WordPress web pages.

When you have a WordPress.COM Blog, you must buy the design from WordPress.com or host the design. Begin to build your website with the Portfolio Lite! Our themes set-up services allow us to set up WordPress, your own themes and some important plug-ins by hand. We' ll also be installing demonstration contents, setting up your themes, uploading your logos, changing backgrounds and more!

More than 50 best WordPress portfolios: Last update for 2018

When you are a creator such as a creator, painter, illustrator oder photographer, you should know that there is no better way to find a job as a freelancer or full-time employee than to present your current work in an on-line portfolio. Historically, building a website for your portfolio was a time-consuming task that involved HTML, CMS, and web hosting skills.

Today it is much simpler to build your portfolio website with minimum know-how. Then you need a good portfolio WordPress topic that has been developed specifically for the job. We' ve selected contemporary design with minimum layout to help you present your best work. Every topic on the checklist is appealing, so it works on any monitor or gadget of any sizing.

The Althea is a contemporary and minimalist WordPress subject for photographers who want to present their portfolio. Centre is a neat and contemporary WordPress theming for photographers. The Horton is a fully reactive and fully customizable WP Theater developed for architects' Web sites. Catch your clients with your architectonic work by presenting it in a professional way with TM Gallery's on-line portfolio and stylishly presenting the whole width of your office philosopy with an elegantly wide sliders.

It is a neat and contemporary WordPress topic designed for the photographer and anyone else who needs to present pictures. The Sketchfield is a web page blogs WordPress topic that offers optimum multi-device and cross-browser experience. The comprehensive bundle includes 3 headers and 3 footers, brickwork and raster layout, which can be extended with side bars, a 404 template and more.

The portfolio of my website organizes your pictures tidily in a raster on the homepage, so that your users can click through to the overall picture of your work, look at further pictures and see the corresponding text. The Bailey is a fully responsives, bespoke, SEO-friendly and well-researched portfolio WordPress themed website designed for home use.

Imprise your customers with the Cherry project portfolio for a professionally designed presentation of your great designs and show them how unique you are with your wide range of side bar options, various blogs laid out and a multitude of headers and footers. The Addison is a cutting-edge WordPress topic designed to create a portfolio of photographers who are ready to be inspired. The Base is a state-of-the-art, neat and minimalist WordPress topic for presenting your photo portfolio.

This is a classy and very individual WordPress topic with a fast, reactive and retinal lay-out and a striking outfit. Specifically designed for creatives, this topic presents their unmistakable works in a truly peerless manner. Many of the functions available in the topic help you to create the photographer's website with full functionalities.

The Panoramic is a WordPress topic in fat print that displays your photographs in a large full-screen view. Panoramic images are displayed as miniature images at the bottom of the page and when you click on them, the entire picture is displayed. WordPress's appealing topic for your photographs is a content-oriented way to add value to your portfolio. For photographers, designers, artists and illustrators, WordPress is a full-screen topic to present their work.

Combining a clear look and feel with a user-friendly surface, this WP custom topic provides a great way to present your work. Furthermore, it is based on the latest web styling conventions and allows you to promote your work to your employer in the best possible way.

This topic can also be used for other similar types of project. Read Folio WordPress response topic is a great topic for any professional graphic designers, photographers or artists who need a clear visual identity and minimum layouts. Cleaner Folio has a minimalistic look and a portable, welcoming look. The WordPress themes are elegantly architectural and toned, and are meant for a variety of Web sites related to designing and building.

It' s fully reactive, so you don't have to create a standalone portable edition of your website to view it correctly on your portable device. Composed of high-contrast tablets with black and bright background, it highlights different kinds of contents to perfection. The logo ist ein Cherry Framework 4 Web Design Company WP 4 power themed.

Font contents and graphics form a perfectly combined page. The website about arts and fotography was created in a minimalistic way. Giant high-definition photographs make WordPress Word Picture themes look very stunning. Translucent text modules give the website a contemporary appearance. The WP template for WP provides an elegantly accentuated look with monochrome aesthetic spiced with dark browning.

Not only is its styling classy, but it is also simple to use thanks to plenty of negativity, succinct information and minimalistic symbols. The Sunday is a nice and minimum portfolio with good tastes, for professional creatives or contractors who want to present their portfolio and CV in a very contemporary way.

This topic is based on Visual Composer, a very comfortable drag-and-drop PageBuilder for WordPress. This should give you the most smooth and trouble-free website creation process with our theming. Stack Topic emphasizes your pictures, which makes it great to present your project or photos. This gives you all the agility you need to build your own WordPress website for your own trademark.

The large, flowing lay-out and appealing styling look great on all machines and display screens. The Eight is a fully reactive multi-page template that has been created and developed with a minimum footprint for portfolios, agents, contractors and architects. It is a great topic for Freelancer, Designer, Developer, Business, Create Agency, Consultant and Lawyer.

It is a fully reactive WordPress themed website with a minimum and clear styling. The template is ideal for creating a fantastic website for portfolio, agency, photography and blog. There are several different designs of our software, all of which are completely optimised and neat. The subject is retinal. WordPress topic is fast reacting, you can also display it on your portable devices/tablets and it looks very good on more phones.

If you are still awaiting, let " Vinno " discover our topic. The FAM is a portfolio WordPress topic with a clear, contemporary and appealing visual style built on the genuine PSE by Themeforest writer Stan and Rain. FAM is a WordPress topic with a clear, contemporary and appealing visuals. Provides a clear and concise blogs, filters, portfolios und section to build one-page layout.

Ency is a cutting-edge portfolio topic for WordPress that includes many functions for customizing your website as you need it. You can, for example, select a portfolio in 2, 3, 4 pillars or brickwork, a classical or a grids blogs. Mode Portfolio WordPress theming is the high-quality, easy, classy, clean and versatile WordPress topic with contemporary styling.

Mode WordPress subject is perfectly suited for creatives such as Photographers, Designer, Painters, illustrators to demonstrate works, experiences, service and abilities. Can also be used by agents, designer firms and creativity crews as a multi-functional website or portfolio. Delivered with pre-defined, one-click installation of demonstration contents, it enables extensive customisation via WordPress Customizer.

It is a WebGL-based 3-D portfolio template. THE FLYIN-Theme is a link between CSS3 and WebGL's 3-D-concept. Mire Me WordPress themes are multi-use themes. Can be used as a vCard, resume, portfolio or business. Topic is a contemporary look with scrollable pages. This works perfectly in all webmasters.

Caassiopeia is a easy, minimum and very fast reacting (grid portfolio + blogs + commerce) tool for agencies, designers, freelancers, photographers and trade malls. It is for those who are looking for a basic but practical and professionally designed template. The VaHa is a premier portfolio topic specifically designed for advertising, merchandising, architecture, craft, design, IT, software, galleries and the fine and fine art industries.

The design is sleek, contemporary and straightforward, with a versatile, adaptable, modular design that responds quickly. Topic contains many functions such as dragging & dropping layouts designer, unparalleled layouts block, woo Commerce etc. and more. It' an ultra-simple and incredibly user-friendly WordPress topic with response & retina Ready layouts, topic choices and extensive pull & drop context building items to build your portfolio and/or your own private blogs site in just a few moments.

BestAwesome is a premium WordPress topic for designer, illustrator, artist director and photographer who want to present their Behance project quickly, beautifully and interactively. This is the incarnation of a refreshing, neat, minimalist portfolio topic that can also be used as a multi-purpose one. The MUTI is a creatively reactive WordPress portfolio topic for professionals.

The DotFolio is a neat portfolio designed to present the work of imaginative individuals in a creatively and appealing way. It''s a portfolio that focuses on experts from the fields of creativity such as design, photography and development. This topic is based on Visual Composer, a very comfortable drag-and-drop PageBuilder for WordPress. This should give you the most smooth and trouble-free website creation process with our theming.

Wordpress topic is fast reacting, you can also see it in the mobile/tablet device and it looks very much in more device. The Blocker is a fast-reacting WordPress portfolio topic with a creatively designed horizontally oriented Ayax outline. The Pontus is a contemporary and innovative WordPressme. Designer theming is kept in a nice styling.

It' suited for Personnel Portfolio, Creative Agency, Designer Portfolio, Illustrator Portfolio, Photographer Portfolio and more. It has a universally designed look, taking into account every detail and every effect of the motion. Wordpress topic is fast reacting, you can also see it in the mobile/tablet device and it looks very much in more device. The Pontus story is ideal for a wide range of applications, from blogging to face-to-face or corporate portfolio.

Pontus " is our subject, what you can expect from us. The Cards is a contemporary, luxurious and shallow subject. It is a curriculum vitae and portfolio that focuses on professional digitizers, whether designer, programmer or photographer. It' perfectly suited to promoting your work!

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