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Top WordPress Themes 2018

The Templatic 90+ WordPress Topics and 50+ WordPress plug-ins help you run and monetise your website, all with world-class customer service and customer-friendliness. Creating WordPress Premier topics that are simple to use and adaptable is our greatest love. What makes you decide on our WordPress Premier topics? We have a comprehensive library of topics for events and fast reacting industry book topics, as well as topics for tourist offices, tourist businesses, on-line bookings and e-commerce.

We also have a library of topics for composers, magazines, a page and multi-purpose portfolios. Unrestricted Domain InstallationMember of our themed club and get 99+ template topics and install them on unrestricted domain names. Member also receive new topics that we publish. WordPress 95+ CollectionThemes Your topic finder ends here. There is something for everyone in our thematic library.

Garantierter SupportGive you 1 year of free of charge customer service for our topics. All our WordPress topics are delivered with OpenSource Code. Complete control over all topic file. Friendly WordPress ThemesGet lots of visitors for your website with our WordPress Topics optimised for Friendly WordPress. Before you buy, try it out. Not sure which topic to buy?

This is no obstacle, just ask for a test page for one of our topics. 1 Click InstallationAll our premier topics contain a 1 click installation. Random ContentSample ContentA topic is delivered with example contents. Push the 1 key and your design will look like its demonstration. Client SatisfactionIn the last 8 years, template topics have driven ten thousand of Web sites.

Our response theme library contains many response topics. All Templatic WordPress topics contain a blogs. Topics TranslationTranslate our WordPress topics into any desired languages. High Performance ThemesWe create application theming that is more progressive and efficient than normal WordPress theming. Simple to customize We are developing topics for you. With our topics you can focus on your work.

Any of our WordPress topics can be used in any state. Folder Topic is perfect for the creation of an on-line listing folder. Contains user-defined mail type, member packs, geolocalization, Google Maps, limitless user-defined field searching, extended and more. The WordPress folder motif has several hundred built-in features. It is a very mighty classified ads topic for WordPress.

Contains many adjustable searching features, monetisation and classifieds packs. Like all our listing topics, you can easily set your own category, package, menu and custom field via the Dictionary dashboard. With Eventum you can build a high-performance organizer website. The WordPress topic will help you build, maintain, and monetise your meeting directories page for virtually any use.

Contains all the power of our directories topic and has its own events features. You can use this directory-child topic to build a list website for everything from rentals to locals. Focusing on cards, this collection topic comes with adjustable classes, menu, search function and packets so that you can use it for any recess folder.

Generate a high-performance WordPress jobs list with folder page. Ideally suited for recruiters or labour offices to publish jobs. Contains many choices for employers and jobseekers. It is a very adaptable and reactive topic. The HomeQuest is one of our best and newest WordPress topics for properties. It' great if you want to build a home page or a list of advertisements for homes.

As a realty broker, use this topic to promote only the realty in your realty or submit an open real estates list. It is one of the best buisness directories topics there is. With GeoPlaces you have the opportunity to maintain your own yellow pages at a very competitive rate. An appealing folder topic that contains both free and fee based bundles and event folders and locations.

This is a high-performance, fast-reacting topic in the list of available topics with many loading functions. It is one of our easy to customize and easy to use meeting topics. IDX/MLS compliant topic for listing properties is unparalleled and powerfull in the functionality it gives you to start a successfull listing site. That is another of our top topics from the WordPress Enterprise Director.

Contains all the built-in features of the top-level topic list so you can start a high-performance website for your businesses. Its sleek styling and hundred of choices and optimizations make sure you create a winning folder. Developed for the creation of enterprise indexes, this high-performance listed topic not only provides all the features of the higher-level topic, but also provides the ability to create a list of your own.

Perfect for building a website for annual reports and scorecards. If you wish travellers a good journey with the strong travelling topic. Ideally suitable for web sites of tourist guides, tourist offices, tourist agents. Travelling comprises the extended searching, the filing of offers and the linking to book your journey via outside reservation machines. The kitchen is conceived as a subject for restaurants catalogues.

Like all our directories topics, Cuisine offers adjustable catagories, boxes, submission packs, menu items, currencies and towns. You can use this topic to create your own restaurant listing with valuations and review. There are many features in this topic that are quite efficient. You use this option to create a Yellow Pages-style locale, countrywide, or global folder.

If you wish travellers a good journey with the strong travelling topic. Contains a high performance bid submit ting bundle and disbursement system.

This is an excellent topic for rentals, perfect for holiday home buyers to advertise their holiday homes or flats on-line. Attractive topic for holiday rentals, equipped with many high-performance functions such as a reservation system and an available on-line reservation calender. One of our other great topics for renting is this.

You can use the Villa Rentals topic to advertise and advertise the on-line reservation of summer residences, rooms, flats, chalets or other summer homes. Contains an available schedule, room or real estate prices and more. Being part of our library of on-line reservation topics for accommodations, 5 Star is a good option.

You can use this topic to book your accommodation in B&B, B&B or even a hostel. It' a very simple to use posting topic, adjust category, create new quotes, fix pricing and you're there. A stylish reservation topic ideally suited for one or more of your hotel's on-line advertisements. Fast-response topic for your guest's reservation, this exciting reservation tool provides high performance functions such as advance sales on-line and an available reservation calender.

Create your own eCommerce with one of the best eCommerce topics on the market. This eShop topic comes with our beloved e-commerce platform for a high-performance and easy-to-use basket of goods storefront. WooCommerce can also be used with this topic, the option is yours. Begin your on-line business with an easily set up luxury topic.

This WooCommerce topic gives you the option of paying VAT and shipment, order processing, vouchers. Sales your digitally or physically produced goods and administer your shipments, vouchers and taxation with the Emporium-Topic. Another of our top e-commerce topics gives you unprecedented visibility over your web shop. Easily set up and customise our e-commerce topics so you can quickly and easily market your product on-line.

Contains PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, C. O.D. and other favorite pay-mateways. Featuring many features for dealing and couponing sites, this voucher topic is designed to help you make the most of your vouchers. The daily transaction involves making offers of products and e-mail printing. Topic Reply allows people to ask a question and others to vote for the best one.

The topic is simple to use and also allows you to ask and answer queries. It is an excellent topic for a writer, writer, publisher or bookstore. Using the author's fast-reacting WordPress topic, you can simply resell e-books and digitized goods. Simple, portable and fast reacting, it is an perfect e-commerce topic for the sale of your printed materials or your product on-line.

WooCommerce compliant authoring also comes with its own e-commerce engine that you can use for your own bookstore. Contains many high performance functions. The WordPress topic is a fast reacting movie that is perfect for starting web sites like Youtube. It is one of our visually composed topics that is perfect for business, corporate or even private web sites.

With its front-end website Builder, this simple to customise drag-and-drop design is extremely simple. This is the ideal topic for news sites, musicians' web sites or singers, records, dj' s, groups and manufacturers, musical records or brands. We have a wide range of collections, from directories, property, job boards and classifieds, to commercial documents, hotels and appointments.

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