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Folder Topic - Free, All in One Resource It' the ideal option for the creation of an on-line directory. Directories offer user-defined mail type, subscriptions, Google maps searching and limitless user-defined field searches. This is the most complete WordPress Theme directory you will ever need. Directories are a huge issue and offer several hundred functions across several plug-ins.

Besides all that, we also offer a lot of additional contents... Things that are not part of the theme itself, but still useful. This page presents the most important resource for each directory holder. Free directory sub theme templates help you avoid the effort of having to create a sub theme to customize your overall directory design.

It contains all the necessary sub theme file types and allows you to overwrite the sub theme file types without actually modifying or upgrading them. Keeping your higher-level theme file integrity and mirroring the changes by simply optimizing the lower-level theme overcomes the worry of loosing your adjustment when you update the theme/plugin.

See the Directory Child Theme templateguide for more information on what it has to say. To enhance the capabilities of your directory site, you can use these free add-on plug-ins and other ressources. Present the directory in different tongues with this high-quality WordPress translator plug-in. Build new and fantastic contacts for your website with one of these favorite contacts plug-ins.

Accelerate your directory website with one of these fantastic web page plug-ins. Once you have added the Event add-on, you can use WooCommerce to buy your event ticket. It' a powerfull WordPress widget that allows you to make powerfull reservations for restaurants for your website. View Google Analytics statistics directly in your WordPress Dashboard.

Have you just begun with WordPress and our directory topics? What is the best way to compile the directory theme? In this section the step-by-step instructions are related to the directory topic and some useful hints are given in these step-by-step instructions that will certainly help you create a better website with our directory-based topics.

Create a user-defined contribution style for submitting your own people. What can I do to moderating a comment on the directory's website? Can I use user-defined boxes in the extended directory theme lookup? What can I do to modify the symbols of the homepage categories menus in the classifieds theme? Guided tours in this section refer to the small text-to-speaks that extend the features of your directory theme-powered web site, we strongly suggest you review this tutorial schedule for your own customized web site.

It will give you an adjustment that you have always wanted to make for your directory theme. What is the best way to locate Google Map in the directory theme? But how can I display the main meal as a gooey meal in the directory theme? Can I save different log files for each town in the directory theme? What do I do to delete the Mail tabs from the authors page in directory-based topics?

What can I do to customise the page for submitting bids to the directory website? What is the way to use the WP REST API in directory and subfolders? What is the way to use the WP REST API in directory and subfolders? When you create a large directory, the possibility of quickly filling it with towns is highly advantageous. In order to encourage members to share, we offer a free add-on of your choosing for each CSV entry.

Every member who splits their fully localized files will be awarded with a free add-on of their own choosing. In order to facilitate the customization of Directory, we proactively index adjustments made by employees and members in our fora. Together with this threads we also have a number of general how-to guides on how to tailor topics, as well as how to use Firebug and a custom.css guide.

So if you have plugin development expertise and a good directory add-on concept, why not create it yourself? In order to help you, we have created several development guidelines that describe the directory inputs and outputs. For those who have bought GeoPlaces or Nightlife in the past, Directory is available at a lower cost.

A great piece about how you can increase the safety of a directory site divided by one of our users, it gradually describes everything in detail. Directories is our most favorite projects, so we're constantly upgrading them, and we're always open to your proposals. When you have a Directory features query, send it here.

We' ve developed an optionally available application like Directory2 that gives the site the feeling of being an application when surfing on your device. When you switch from directory 1 to directory 2, don't miss to read this manual. Here is a listing of some common directory related issues with their detailled responses.

Do you think we should create a directory related tutor on a specific subject? Encourage directory owners who have created a winning directory site with our theme to tell their own tales so other owners can listen and be inspired. Or you can tell us your own directory history by writing to us here.

We recently posted some article in our blogs that contain how you can make the most of your directory site, giving you insight into the directory site businesses section. There are also case histories of success stories that have been built with our directory platforms. What is the decision of a prospective company to be included on your directory site?

What is the decision of a prospective company to be included on your directory site? Directories Transaction Lists go back to auto republished when renewals are made. Please note: ALL children's topics are part of your regular subscription. Directory Child Themes can drastically alter the look and feel of your directory-based website.

The topics below all take over the Directory functions and do not work as separate topics. Infant topics are also fully compliant with directory add-ons! Any sub topics presented on this page are fully reactive. Directories is our most beloved site, which includes a superordinate theme, various plug-ins and a large variety of subordinate topics and add-ons.

Take a look at these add-ons to learn more about how you can enhance Directory with them.

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