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Make sure you read the full review of the Top Five Advisor Templatic to see if it is the right decision. Sharing your experiences with Templatic True Review, My Experience with Templatic. 2018 Templatic Reviews | Customer Experience, Testimonials Templatic believes in providing you with great value added web sites that stand out from the crowd...

! Besides our own product range we are also proud of our technical and service offerings...! Below are just a few of the reviews we have received from our esteemed clients. Greetings, I have been a Templatic client for 2 years.

Right from the start they offered me kind, professional advice and assistance. My strong recommendations to the Templatic staff and to give a high commendation is not something I would normally do, as I know the responsibilities involved in finding a firm on which others will be dependent to run their own businesses.

The Templatic is one of the most progressive WordPress themed development companies that has been supporting WordPress customers for many years. Since 2011 we are part of the Templatic Club membership and will remain so in the future. Directory themed and its children's topics are one of the best topics available on the web today.

Our excellent level of customer service is excellent! Terrific assistance! I' m creating a website that uses 10 different template topics with subdomain structures. I' m new to WP and Templatic and have a fast learn bend. I' d like to applaud Motaz Tawfik with Templatic for his patient, his humour and his dedication to making everything work well together.

Terrific backup. Frankly, as far as WordPress topics are concerned, they provide more documentary on their layouts than any other layout I've ever used. They actually provide more documentary on their own artwork than on any other piece of code I've used. Your templatas and plugins seem to be quite extensive. When I was a novice when it came to building a website, I realized that Templatic's Publisher2 was exactly what I needed.

And it was easy and above all the help I got was great. I' m very satisfied with the final results and strongly suggest Templatic. Templatic provides post purchase QA assistance. Templatic's Gelbe Seite topic exceeds my expectations. Generally, it is very recommended for those who are looking for singular, sleek, responsive, fashionable and feature-rich listing topics.

Superb customer care and pricing. Templatic Top Level Top Level Submissions: Rugged choice of topics and plug-ins, easily imported demos, features, design and above all...support. Services are really the best...it's my first try trying to create my own website...it wasn't simple for me, but I'm really happy that I decided to go for Templatic....

Assistance is awesome response in 24 hours or less sometimes 5 hours........ it was only 2 Weeks and I have put it into operation.....a few short ones they have let here and their......... Many thanks to the customer service staff for taking care of my needs conscientiously and effectively. Fantastic topics & great help! Amar of the assistance is great, dear the topics.

I' m very pleased with the topic you purchased with Templatic. I owe this to the help of the Templatic Templar and all my misgivings and troubles are quickly solved. Thanks to everyone at Templatic. Because we are very pleased with your product and especially with the level of service you have. Many thanks for the great client service, especially to Umar and Pankaj.

Our customer service team is excellent! Thankyou Umar, Dhaval and Mudassar for their help! Truly amazed by the assistance I got for Templatic Classifieds topic Customization. Terrific Umar Memon endorsement, thanks! Stunning product (the subject of the directory), documentary and a backup crews that will respond within moments and even create tutorial videos to help you!

The Templatic is fantastic! Personally, I run many sites and I use all their template! But the best thing about it is the help I get immediately! I' m a beginner, but Templatic was there to help me with all my troubles! But Umar is beautiful and has a lot of time! Again many thanks Templatic!

I' d like to thank you for the Templatic Technical Assistance Group. We have been helped by a great help from uppendra and his staff with an extraordinary feature, especially on the Categories page. We' ve got a great chance picture by now! Our after sales services are great! I' ve got very good Umar Memon, nx! tech supports so far.

Amazing speed and efficiency of our excellent technical team. I was very satisfied with the help provided and the rapid response from the Templatic team. A brief memo to thank you for your continued assistance in supporting our website and production operations. Excellent after-sales service - thank you very much!

Fantastic client service! For those who think to buy one of the template topics, it's just the thing! I would like to thank you for the great help! May we thank you for all your help, assistance and patient! Your products and your customers will be very pleased! Von Lieutenant Sergeant Lieutenant Von Lieutenant Funmaps.

Many thanks to Umar for your (patient) assistance! Templatic's after sales services are first-class. I' d like to thank Templatic and especially Adrian for the astonishing help and assistance they have given me to build a great property website...the best in Aruba...and all credit goes to their INCLUSIVE help team...who have helped me with all my problems...I just can't say....

about it enough... Ohmg these guys are AWESOME... and Vedran Give this man a RAISE... Don't delay buying any topic from them and get the most stunning assistance on the planet... You really mind... this topic isn't for the weekender killer that's safe, but look at the results... http:

cam (oh I've confused the contacts page and got help with this hehehehehehehe) But AWESOME site and supp. l like Templatic. Omar Memon's technical assistance service was very efficient and fast. Thanks, umar! First, I want to say: I like these! Well, the backup you're getting is awesome.

I worked with Mudassar, one of their tech teams, and he went beyond that to help me. How can I thank him and his staff for all the help they have given me? When you want a Worpress topic that has so many functions, this is the topic to buy.

They have some more that you can buy. Don't spend your time on other topics if you're looking for a multi-directory or classifed topic, this is where you can buy your next topic. The Templatic will be your only and last topic to buy with every sale.

Beautiful topics and good client service are dealt with promptly. Beautiful topics and good client service are dealt with promptly. We bought a Templatic artwork for a literature group. In the beginning, the design was marvelous. There has been unparalleled feedback from their assistance.

Thanks to Templatic for making you an outstanding organization that does world-class work. There was a technical issue and we had it replied with a very short time lag. Get the proper response and a solution, so I would suggest Templatic. I' ve been using Templatic since 2012 and I always get answers to my questions.

Recently my enquiry for assistance was handled quickly and in a professional manner by Sapna. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone in the Templatic staff who are so patience and supportive of our problems with TheFetishistasDirectory.com and the Templatic Directory. You have fantastic service!

These boys are fantastic, very friendly individuals and they are always happy to help in any way they can. Do Templatic! Many thanks to the Templatic technical staff who supported me in getting my website up and running following a spamming outbreak. Our engineering staff reacted with great interest - even on a Saturday - and gave me a hand in solving the problem.

Thanks a lot Templatic. With Templatic for a complete and versatile classified ad submission. It allowed me to customise the templates the way I wanted, and most of all, I got enormous help from the Motaz technical people. Superior service to customers! It was a wise choice when I bought Templatics Themes & Plugins; Great Product, but most of all a great, kind, continuous technical service.

Great Indian outfit. Many thanks for your great assistance. Pretty originals, easy, cheap and efficient. Even the after sales services were quick. Templatic can't thank enough for all their help and encouragement. I' ll never deviate from Templatic and can't strongly enough advise it! Many thanks to Templatic for the solution of my problems.

I' m still a client. Fantastic after-sales service! I have been using this firm for over 4 years for WordPress topics and plug-ins. Well, I have to say that I am very pleased with the fast service they have provided so far. I recommend them as one of the best and most trustworthy businesses to buy WordPress Themes.

Nice working WordPress topic, good stuff. For me Templatic must be the biggest topic firm for two years. 1 ) They have stunning, stylistic and practical topics. You already have your best interest in monetisation in the back of your head when you create the topics, so it's much simpler for you to get up and go.

Subjects just make perfect sense. Really? 2 ) Customer service. Those boys and girls are great at answering your question about supporting. When something doesn't work right, they'll find out what's wrong and tell you how to do it, usually with a hyperlink to a specific section in their topic guides, so you can do it yourself and find out where you've gone wrong, or if it is a major problem, they'll make customizations and manage it themselves.

My problem has already been solved in an updated version, so let us know that they always listen and improve their topics. It' s a topic that is increasing all the time to tackle changes in our media, such as new iPhones with larger displays that don't react the way they did a year ago, they will fix this issue so that it responds properly to the new invention.

Exciting and grateful for Templatic!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to thank the Templatic crew, especially Sapna & Dhaval, for their excellent assistance with an enormously demanding construction project! Thanks from the whole Shift ONE digitally staff for making the new Hungry for Halloween website a real thing!

Impressing assistance from Sapna. Terrific topics and great techies. Many thanks to the Templatic staff for resolving my problems today. Last months we had a great time with the help, especially with Sapna, who helped us resolve many problems and get our website up and run.

I' m really lucky with my Templatic experiences. Thank you, Umar. Just finished installing my first Templatic themes and encountered a bug with my webmaster. In less than a single tag, Templatic had pinpointed the issue and resolved it. Brillant assistance. When you value and value your products for flexibility, variety and above all your customer service!

There' nothing you can do with the Templatic Themes that' not right! Buying the new video topic, I wanted to make a modification to one part of the homepage. To see if it is possible, I have made a plea and I have received incredibly great help. I can' advise working with this crew enough.

Using WordPress solutions and theme/plugin from companies like Templatic, I think it has never been simpler to create your business or new idea on the web, 80 topics and 40 plugs respond to many greetings. Your technical assistance staff is very reactive and enables you to respond to many requests free of cost.

Well, I must say I'm agreeably appalled at your endorsement. I' ve never met a developer with this high degree of template assistance before, thanks to Motaz for all pre-sales technical assistance and the answer to my ten thousand and one question. I can also see that you have done your assignments with the topic I am looking at.

I' ve done my part of the search, and even purchased a topic that should do what I'm looking for, and of all the topics I've considered, your the only WP topic that is suited to use as an automotive listing topic. And I don't think I'm ever gonna look at another content provider again.

Thank you very much for the great services and the even better topics. Thank you very much for the invaluable help of the template group. Nice work for the backup crew. My hopes are that you will give the same kind of assistance in the near term. Many thanks to the Templatic-Team - especially to Dhaval and Sapna! Helping so quickly and fixing errors - a great all around after sales solution.

Using the Templatic movie artwork. This is a terrific Woprdpress draft. The thing that really impresses me about the Templatic staff is your client outreach. Brillant assistance boys. Surely I would suggest to use Templatic models. The new Templatic videotopic was bought as a platform for a multimedia site in YouTube format.

We had childhood illnesses because the subject was new. Template suport, however, has solved every issue. Thanks to Vishakha for pulling it off and for his excellent client services. Good, quick backup from Umar. Thank you, Templatic! I am more and more amazed by the help I get from Templatic.

Every TIMPLIC I ask for assistance with, the answer is incredibly quick and effective. Really, I have an incredible Templatic handling of it. Being a computer scientist, I empower individuals to depend on their solution and assistance. Many thanks to Templatic, especially to Umar for the great and quick answer and assistance.

Thanks, people for your product I'm using from 2013 (I'm using directory themes) and of course for the quick and great tech suppor. I' ve developed a Geo PlacesV4 topic for the last year or so, it's a fantastical topic and is really beginning to take form as we start the end exam.

Without the help of the guys from the communities board I wouldn't have got this far! Your quick answers and precise information were priceless! Excellent products and great customer service! Keep up the good work! I asked a few weeks ago to modify the date style on the date sheet, and although the style modification was not fully featured (you could only do that by modifying the code), Umar was very useful and useful.

Many thanks to Umar and Templatic for going beyond your responsibilities to comply with my plea. We' re happy about the great help from the Templatic staff! Excellent services from Umar. Really nice and fun topics. Our technical staff always answers quickly to any question I have. Dependable and great client care, I always get a quick answer and assistance.

The Templatic Help Desk is rocking! Excellent client services. I' m very excited... enough to join the Premium Themes Club. When I need assistance, I rely on the fact that the services are the same. Thanks a lot to Dhaval for your patient and help with my Classified theming! As a writer and web design artist, I had the immediate need to look for a WordPress topic that was straightforward, easily configurable, and uncomplicated. Templatic's eBook was a great discovery.

I used Templatic for the first times with the Rejuvinate Design. Outstanding topic and detailled documentary. Template topics are the best topic providers I've ever used. You have great topics for everyone who is looking forward to creating a website. Above all, their help is great. The Templatic team has the best WordPress topics and outstanding client services outside this wide area.

Sometimes I get an answer in less than 24 hrs, sometimes in less than an hours, which is astonishing. Your client services are no longer of this kind. Are you looking for a great topic and excellent client services, you have come to the right place! I' ve been using Templatic since 2012 and have found them to be very useful and professionally supported.

You seem to be keeping up with the changes in the areas of socially responsible communications, services and technologies, combining this with appealing design and dependable client service, and it's a firm I'm going to work with again. l like Templatic. I' ve been recommending Templatic to my friend and relatives who are interested in building a website. Below are the client reviews that have been rearranged in reversed order.

The Templatic Reviews 2015 as well as some earlier reviews can be found here. Templatic's layout has been conceived so that you can see an easy one of the highlights of the reviews we receive at Templatic. If you are already a Templatic client and would like to submit your feedback, please click here.

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