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Theme Templatic Video Free Download

Visit the official website and download or view the demo for this video theme. [ Man ] FREE demo and download. Video Theme - Best Video WordPress Theme of (2018)

Vivo WordPress is a high-performance theme for the creation of multi-purpose video WordPress sites.... This topic is best suited for the creation of video portal, YouTube-like video sites, video/picture gallery, etc. There is no limit to what you can make with it. Absolutely adaptable, appealing and logic designs and numerous functions make this theme the best video WordPress theme of all time.

Build sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, Veoh, Liveleak, etc. in just a few moments. Easily share your own video or post it on your favorite video sites. Featuring a versatile slide control, integrating with ThanksTube for the number of video views, self-hosted video hosting, multiple detail page themes, multiple home page layout and more - vivo is the ideal option.

So what's the theme of my meeting? Video is much more than a mere WordPress video theme. Easily build YouTube-like video websites with front-end video submits, video art sites, the video artist collection, and more. It is our goal to offer our users a theme that will help them convert their WordPress page into a high-performance video platform.

Offering a variety of features for the administrator and your user, this high-performance video administration design is designed to help you Make a video website that looks beautiful on every machine that displays it. We' ve enhanced this theme with this creatively designed portable navigational menus where the menus drop down with all menus, giving your user a special touch.

Would you like a video on your favorite video website that will be shown on your website? Simply paste the video by dragging and dropping the video scripts or copy the video link to your website. It' s the simplest way to show the best video from the web on your website. And if you want to up-load a video from your computer, you can do it!

Here you have the option - Select Auto preview or select an item to be uploaded as a preview. If you select "Auto preview thumbnail", you only need to load the video. This is a great way to add a videolider to your video theme's homepage for your own use. With the built-in video slide control, you can display your video on the homepage very simply.

Alternatively, you can set the slide control to show high-definition picture sliders to communicate the core concept of your website. WordPress theme of the video reacts elegant. This video website is built to look as good as a portable app on your portable device. Please click here to take a look at the video demonstration on this topic.

Have your site viewers sign up on your site and send their video using the video registration forms. Upload video is available directly at the top of the homepage, where the user can see it immediately. Allows you to quickly and simply build YouTube-like sites via Front End Submissions.

Select the way you want the video to be displayed on a video categories page. Optionally, you can select either Listview or Rasterview to show the video on the video page. They can also enumerate video without using side bar, where the video is enumerated across the entire width of the monitor.

If you don't have much to see in the side bar and want to see more video on the monitor at once, you can do this. Various pages of the video theme can have different Layouts. Also the video detail page has a singular lay-out. Of course you can make video blog with this Vivo Video WordPress theme because it is capable of blogging.

The theme offers many functions for the video on your website. Its design is engineered to maintain video definition for the best possible viewing experience. What's more, it's built to be a video camera with a high video quality. Build a website that's simple to browse using our searching and categorizing capabilities - some of the best things about video that' on your website.

Displaying the number of viewings on the video page is certainly an asset. To not embed or show your own number of different previews, you can show the game previews on your website by hand. If the user selects a video categorie, the categorie page opens for the topic he or she selects. Lists all video that falls under the categories that you have choosen.

Or you can select the page styles option. View HD pictures on your video website with built-in galleries on. Produce nice picture books in a few moments. If we say that Vivo is flexibel, we mean flexibility - in every respect. Topic settings allow you to customize the theme's look and feel.

In addition, we have tried the theme of Vivo with beloved WordPress plug-ins that allow you to enhance the features of your website. Example - Use the Envira Warehouse to build stunning arteries, or use the WooCommerce plug-in to resell your product to verify your WooCommerce product compliance. plug-in. It is the ideal plug-in for the creation of video sites in multiple languages.

Of course you can also use the included . You can use theme settings to customize functions, enable/disable service, and specify your Web pages. What is the best topic for your company for your purposes? WooCommerce is also capable of the video theme. The free plug-in will download your website with all e-commerce functions.

In addition, the video theme contains pages that were developed solely for WooCommerce. Now you can build a nice and fully functioning shop on-line. A few of the functions that make the video theme one of the best of others. Finding a video is made easier by finding it with the subject in mind. Adjust the theme colours directly from the administration area to your colour schemes.

The design uses fantastic Google fonts to give it a one-of-a-kind look. The Video has a built-in community based video system that helps you get your audience and your visits. We have integrated different mail and video layout so you can select how you want to organize your work. The video is prepared for searching machines and optimised to help you to take a higher position and attract more people.

This theme is optimised for Adsense, so you will see higher revenue in Adsense. Accessible information for authors about articles and video clips that relate to them. As soon as you have purchased a video, it can be deployed with just one click and is immediately operational. The video theme comes with a documentary that helps you fully comprehend all the functions of the theme.

The theme of Templatic is extremely aesthetically appealing to the eyes. I decided on the video theme of Templatic after two week of looking and investigating tens of topics, it is very aesthetical and pleasant for the eyes. Works perfect for our video filesharing service. If you like, I can tell a friend about the video theme of Templatic.

Yes, we offer an easy one-click installation that gives your video site contents that allow you to quickly set up the theme. Could I get the topic translated? You can localize the topic in any of the languages. May I change/adapt the design? Is the theme running on the latest WordPress release?

Yes, the design is compliant with the latest WordPress release. Yes, we offer an easy one-click installation that gives your video site contents that allow you to quickly set up the theme.

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