Tems for Android

tems for Android

The TEMS Pocket is a licensed* telephone-based testing tool designed to measure performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. Samsung TEMS Installation Guide. The Android version can be checked in the Phone menu Settings-> About the device.

TEMS? Pocket 17.x, installation program

The TEMS Pocket is a licensed* telephone-based testing instrument designed to measure power and signal integrity characteristics of wireline network. It gathers metrics and events for immediate review or to be processed by TEMS Discovery or other future discovery utilities. With TEMS Pocket, users can test places like places like eateries, retail centers, metros, railways, boats, events - anywhere humans go.

You can do this while using TEMS Pocket as your normal telephone. TEMS Pocket is small enough to hold your hands, yet it' s high enough to collect a wide variety of information that a few years ago would have taken a laptop or even bigger than that. The necessary licences and authorisations to use TEMS Pocket are available from InfoVista and the Global License Server.

For more information, please get in touch with your TEMS agent at customercare.tems@infovista.com

Services delivery and operations modification offerings

Start of the dialogue box. The Escape is aborted and the screen is shut down. The end of the dialogue box. It'?s a modem one. It can be concluded by pushing the escape push or by pushing the close push buttom. It'?s a modem one. It can be concluded by pushing the escape push or by pushing the Close push buttom.

TEMS? Net Testing Portfolio enables you to optimise the performance of your wireless communications by focusing on ease of use. With TEMS you can test, run and analyse your cellular phone system under the actual circumstances of your customers - inside, outside and around the clock. TEMS offers you the possibility to test, run and analyse your cellular phone system dynamic. If you don't expect your wireless service to deliver a high-quality consumer experiences, check out the TEMS portfolio at TEMSNet.

The TEMS Pocket - Driving and walking test

The TEMS Pocket is our premier handheld test tool. With TEMS Pocket, you can review, optimise and debug your wireless networks in areas that require mobility, such as shopping centres, arenas, bureaus and other large event locations. It' s sophisticated test features, which include the possibility to multi-device and single-scanner capability, provide the participant (QoE) and the ecosystem (QoS) with valuable insight to enhance your participants' mobility experiences.

Since over 80% of all wireless communications take place inside, TEMS Pocket allows you to efficiently design and optimise your investment in inside and small cell space. TEMS Pocket becomes a core part of your wireless test environment through integration with TEMS Director. Their customers want an extraordinary in-door wireless viewing environment, especially considering that over 80% of their wireless use takes place inside.

TEMS Pocket allows you to test your networks effectively inside, at event locations and on campus to get the insight you need to enhance your networks cover. If you are implementing an in-door networking infrastucture, you need to evaluate your current cover and review system efficiency. With TEMS Pocket, you can rationalize your in-house testing and create approval procedures so you can speed up your strategies.

TEMS Pocket allows you to compare your in-door QoE and QoS with your competition, allowing you to prioritise your investment and get the most out of your in-door applications. Cellular phone backbones may be complicated, but your networking test can be easy. TEMS Director, our leading test automation solution, provides a full test environment that enables you to deploy a single test plan that meets all your test needs.

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