Tevolution Plugin

Evolution Plugin

The Tevolution WordPress Plugin is designed to enable many powerful features, including..:

WordPress Tevolution Plugin

Tevolution? What is evolution? This plugin was made for two major reasons: By the time Tevolution came, it was hard to build a new mailstream; you had to immerse yourself in the script because there was no way to build one alone with the dashboard. Tevolution lets you quickly and easily add a new mail item to your Tevolution mail list with appropriate categories and tags.

For every contribution kind - inclusive the integrated WordPress "Posts" - a frontend registration fom (for contents handed in by the user) can be created. Tevolution's login pages are normal old WordPress pages. You can create, delete, and change them using the dashboard. All of the above submit forms consist of dynamically defined personal data boxes.

In this way, you can build a truly original template without having to fill in duplicate or superfluous data boxes. User-defined boxes can be offered in various box type, among them checkbox, selectbox and button. In addition to managing the entry of data into the display, it is also possible to manage where the value is displayed. Value can be displayed on the detail page of the offer, the categories page, the WordPress Dashboard and even on e-mails.

The Tevolution has three sophisticated page templates: Send Form, Map Display and Extended Search. For example, you can use the Submit From form to create fully functioning logon forms using the user-defined input boxes that you previously made. Tevolution allows you to easily and quickly create, edit and edit all your contents. The Tevolution solution offers several on-line payment options (gateways) and one off-line payment option (direct bank transfer).

In addition, new pay gateway will be available for purchase in the member area. Modifying a foreign exchange is as simple as modifying the foreign exchange key (used by payments gateways) and icon (indicated by the theme). It is similar to the standard user-defined field, but instead of showing field within the login screen, the field is shown on the tab page screen.

Here, too, several different fields are offered. Applications that have been filed are displayed in the dashboard and await your permission. Generate and advertise vouchers / rebates for your members. Advanced searching and filtering have also been integrated, so you can only view posts for a specific species or paymentmethod.

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