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The Action Launcher is a great place to start thematizing. But now we see several reports that the Dark Mode is activated automatically in the YouTube Android app. We have YouTube darkness themes now also available for some on Android.

Today, a common seen Feature Enquiry for applications (and Android in general) is Black Modes. For the first time we have seen that YouTube is getting ready to launch one on its Android application in November of last year, but while the web and iPhone releases have had it for month, the Android site has only been remote.

But now we see several report that the darkness modus is turned on in the YouTube Android application now. Darkness appears spontaneously in some people's YouTube applications, and some say that they have seen a hint that it appears at the bottom of their canvas. A red person who was uploading the snapshots noticed that he was using pixel 2 on Android P Beta 4, he's not a premium person, and he had switched to black level on his desk, although we're not sure if there's a link there.

Browsing Google Materials themes with black modes, which will again be extended to Android messages.

Unzeremoniell dragged a days after the launch, the Google Material themme for Android Messages now returns. Today a new release of the application starts with the rollout, where functions like the red light are available again. August 8th saw the release of Android Messages 3.5 with a wonderful Google Material Theme that switched to a strong blank backdrop at the cost of the former deep bluish topic in the Apple Store window.

Fresh blues continue in the extended "Start chat" FAB, while "Messages" is centred in the application toolbar, which fuses with a new blank progressbar. Already in the new release the possibility to adjust the color of contacts in "People & Options" by hand has been eliminated. In order to balance out the new light topic, Messages 3.5 also implements a black modus that can be activated via the major fade pops.

Google downloaded the fix one and a half days after the rollout started. In our APK Insight 3.5 release, we have noticed that the Materials Topic has been unrolled via a server-side fix. Thus the design could be taken over by Google as well. Today, an upgraded 3.5.052 release (via Twitter) begins to scroll across the playlist with the re-available Google Materials themed.

User can exit and restart the application from the Recents drop-down list to enforce the new look and feel and darkness. Could take a fistful of tries, and I warn that Google might once again choose to drag the new look. Coincidentally, I realized that since I had the dim modus turned on before Google did the update, it was turned on by default when I upgraded to the new application state.

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