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Best free website

These tools are a great help to speed up your workflow. Weebly and Wix are among the best free website creators for small and medium businesses, blogs, portfolios and even small e-commerce websites. While our designers have already set everything up to look its best, you can always change it if you want. Complete library of free and customizable forms, galleries, social streams, e-commerce, countdowns, and more. A perfect solution for all websites.

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You need to find out how to create a website before you start it. That was long before the blast of WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Joomla made it simple for any old cracker to set up a pro website with a few simple mouse clicks. What did you think? Today it is usual to use a CMS (Content Mangement System ) like WordPress or a website construction kit like Squarespace.

They are great tools that deliver high value websites, but they are not always the best one. A CMS can be superfluous for those who want a straightforward, light website. Organic agriculture - a proper model for organic agriculture. Components and artwork are structured like a default Landingpage for a designer firm.

Blauer Himmel - this website with solid width is good for blogs or businesses. Bizz Company - full design for a serious website with a deep colouring. It' s fast responding and it' all set for surfing on the go. A 5-sided pattern for cafés - coffee and suede. Use a jQuery imaging slider and a comprehensive colour theme.

It is well organised and efficient. Biobauernhof - do you have a customer who needs a website for the Biobauernhof? Here it is, the ideal model. The six dark colours breathe fresh air into this easy, neat master. Developed for the designer, The Tree Hills has a fresh colour theme and a fresh, yet powerful feeling.

2. 0 Web - Check this out if you are looking for a easy web site for businesses. There' s nothing unusual or new to see here, but it's a sound model. Windpower - another example for a sustainability company from Studios7Designs. Cooles Layout - this is not a whole website, but it could be easy.

It has a five-part animated lay-out with linked animations. Fourty - a really easy yet breathtaking materials styling topic for photographs. The Nautica demonstration is designed for a bridal photojournalist. It'?s easy, moody and stylish. This is a pattern with musical motifs, perfectly for a keyboard instructor.

CSS pure paraallax - if you have high resolution pictures, this submission would work fine. It has four patches of palladium. Sighma - this Metro-style picture raster has several column and a fast-reacting light box. DIWAS - that looks like many other IT related web sites. You will find our page with para lax section, graduated price table, a request page and an excerpt menue.

If you need to create a website for a web services business, it' just as well. Kreativer Winter & This full width easy full width parentallax website is a beautiful one-page website for creativity. The Fancy Mobile Apartment - a slim shape with light pastel colours and a tacky head. A fractal - a very easy pattern that you can use as a base for your own idea.

Greyscale - the greyscale colour schemes have a very drastic effect. Of course, the designs are very demanding and focus on the contents. Jasmine - a very minimum and neat side. It is a easy, neat site that is portable and kind, and offers a beautiful animated style sheet. Like good styling, it is easy, it' s functionally and it feel right.

Modelling - this is a neat and fashionable site. Your own website - if you are a designer/creative guy, this website will certainly make an impression. It is very neat and has an amazing cartooning. Using motion graphics, colour patterns and visuals, the system is based on materials. Simply Life - a neat one-page submission that gives you all the fundamentals for your blogs or businesses.

The Spa Gardenia - this long one-page pattern can be used for spa resorts, hairdressing parlours or any other type of landing page. A Stylish Household is a good beginning for a store built on materials styling. Audiophile users also need web sites. The CLJxH is a minimally one-sided pattern with parallel axis that scrolls over a large individual wallpaper.

It is a good option for anyone who wants a basic web site. Player artwork - this full width page is for a games blogs. I am Tim - the creator of this pattern is a webdesinger. It is a target page for his work. Captain Kitty - with the help of materials designing principals a calming effect is achieved for the visitor.

It is ideal for a face-to-face blogs or a portfolios. The Material Designs Blogs - this uses innovative web site designs to build a beautiful blogs. It' a very awesome pattern, but with map-style layout that you can see on Twitter or Facebook. As the name suggests, OnePager is a one-page site developed for corporate and web sites.

Photo-ark - this sinister pattern indicates the atmosphere to present strong photographs. This jQuery page has lovely pictures and is structured like a real Diorama. Plain Style_7 - this crisp looking design would be a great addition to a book for someone who is very organised and accurate. It' s neat, focussed and takes very little to make your own.

This is a Movie Blogs submission that was created in 2013. Colours and graphical designs are pleasing and grounded. Customize your artwork portfolios - this templates has a Portfolios section and a side bar to help you present your work. The Bazaar - this website is stunning! The Best Shop - this model for on-line malls is aimed at the sale of high-quality goods.

Big Shop - this is a free sample to help you set up an on-line shop. It' all in the name. It uses different blues and is very neat. The Bootstrap Shop - this is a ready-made on-line shop. The Curtain Store - this 2-column design has a deep colour pattern.

Freedom of choice - a lot of blank spaces and many neat grilles help to present your photos. Fornyish - Slider, wholesale spaces and well-organised grid give this side of the house a cosy feeling. Supermarket - yours everything that has to do with groceries selling on-line with this piece of jewelry. H-shape - this colourful, slim styling offers gym items such as apparel, activity apparel and training equipment.

Leo Shop - this shallow e-commerce submission can help you create a high profile website like Amazon or Snapdeal. A new shop - another shallow layout based on boatstrap. These templates are up to date and available for sale. Do it all - This 4-column artwork is fast and impressive. Smart- Sale - this site is beautiful to search and has some interesting materials designelements.

It' perfect for any kind of business. The Smart Stores - this pattern has a distinctive raster design in comparison to most of the others on this page and a colour pattern that really shows up. They can start with this pattern. Start an on-line shop, simply insert your contents and set up your payments portal.

Colorag - a straightforward and easy-to-read magazin artwork with a refreshing colour chart. ýCyberTechý - a very extensive web submission for a cine or a blogs about everything that has to do with technology. Everyday newspaper - present your contents with easily understandable types and a clear lay-out. Magazin - Tab-style navigation menus, full-width section and some clear graphics make the Magazin a worthwhile try.

Aggregates News - drag the best contents with this aggregates submission. Organically designed - another fixed-width site created for an environmentally responsible company. Pixabella04 and Pixabella04 - this one has a blogs, several laysouts, a box-slot and sidebars. Topic #4 - Easy lay-out with width and haptic. It' good for a fun technical journal.

Gelber blog - this blogs is professionally looking and nice.

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