The best Ios Launcher for Android

Ios Launcher for Android

Would you like to try an iOS-like feeling on your Android phone? The best iOS starters for Android to make your mobile like an iPhone. Right now, iPhones and Androids are the only two kinds of smartphones used around the world. Large numbers of Google customers choose Google's Android because of its versatility and adaptability. Whatever, if you have an Android cell but want to make it look like an iPhone surface, essentially what iOS looks like, you can do it with iPhone Launcher on Android.

As this is a favorite enquiry of most Android patrons, here is a listing of the best iOS launcher available on Android. A starter: A launcher is one of the best iPhone clone apps available at Google's Play Store. The iOS 8 UI is apparently older, but is still used by every iPhone 5 member at once.

Graphics power depends on the graphics capabilities of your Android phone's built-in GPS assistance, but the launcher essentially puts the iOS port as it is on your Android mobile device, complete with the locking screens and transitions. Best of all, this application has the small amount of memory it needs. A launcher is strongly advised if you are a iOS 8 or iPhone 5/5S aficionado.

IOS Launcher: The Espier is an enhanced modul that comes with an older launcher application known as the "iPhone Launcher Race". This launcher not only replaces the start display of your Android, but also enhances your power and works much quicker. Espier Launcher has two kinds of iPhone UI's. While the older release is titled iP6, the newer release is titled iP7 and offers a great iPhone UI on Android.

Espier Launcher can be downloaded via the following links. is a free iOS Launcher application with restricted but adequate functionality. This iPhone launcher's speciality is that it provides support for additional symbol packages that allow you to try out new symbol layouts from time to time. Topics from other Android launcher like Nova and Apex can also be import for more diversity.

Searching pages in this launcher has been improved and has no delay like its older counterparts. That' all for now, we will soon add more iOS starters for Android to this group. In the meantime, if you have any launcher you would like to divide, please leave a message below and let us know.

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