The best Wordpress Sites

Best Wordpress Pages

Download the free WordPress themes listed below: 20 fantastic WordPress websites sample for example It' sure to say that WordPress is the best known blogsoftware. Statistics are amazing, but they don't ensure that using WordPress topics will be the best option for your website. See WordPress samples used by the biggest global brand names and the best personalities. New Yorker is an U.S.

magazine that has been in circulation since 1925 and is known throughout the entire globe.

The website was relaunched in 2014 and has been using WordPress ever since. There are 11 catagories in the gooey menubar and a Subscribe Buttons. The Bloomberg Professional Blogs are included in the Bloomberg home and products pages. Our design allows you to see the Bloomberg Terminal right in front of your eye.

The location thus communicates the dynamism and spectacularity of one of the world's biggest information and communications enterprises. The WordPress page acts as a blogsite for Logitech, one of the world's most beloved branders. It' an outstanding example of clear styling that expresses dependability and consistence without distracting the user from the core messages.

Optimum use is made of the centre room thanks to a neat raster. It' s easy to see the menubar and reacts very fast. SAP, among other large companies that have a corporate blog, seems most interested in using it as a forum to bring its global communities together. In the center there are slider controls that display "SAP TV "ideoclips.

The Slashgear is a WordPress-based website with an immense audience. There are also embedded boards and videosites that also use WordPress. All of the WordPress website expertise is based on read technological updates. Featuring an award-winning WordPress page, it allows your user to enjoy screen-wide images and rich graphic contents organised on a fixed raster.

Numerous photogalleries are arranged according to tag or topic, and there is an embedded programming log that also uses WordPress. Condé Nast is one of the biggest international magazine brands of Condé Nast Holdings - Vogue. Their WordPress themes are minimalist and well-buffed. Please be aware that the website has an attractive side bar on the far right of the page.

At the top of the page, the smaller slide bar offers pictures of the contents, headings and a funny broadget. There is also a SONY Entertainment website that uses WordPress technology. Large slide control lets you carry screen-wide photographs with some of the best musical stars. Against such a backdrop, the easy to understand menus are almost hidden.

Walt Disney Page is different from all other WordPress based sites.

There is another side menu on the right, which divides all contributions into categories. Prominent people like Martha Stewart use WordPress to keep their supporters up to date with the latest information and create a great team. We also see a side panel on the leftside where our users can browse through the articles. Actually, the big subheader acts as a menubar, and you can click on it to go to one of the classified sub-pages.

Contributions containing mainly pictures of nice typefaces and a comment are shown in a raster in the center of the page. He is a Streetfashion fotographer and one of many WordPress people. Blogs as well as their owners in the main photography area look classy. This website acts as a repository and therefore contains tonnes of pictures subdivided into archive and gallery sections.

There is an extra side bar on the right side and shows pictures at the bottom. Fabled typeface and minimalist styling do not divert the user's eye from the contents, but rather create the best impression. Brian Smith's WordPress pages are even among the most attractive, with a fantastic and practical range.

A beautiful backdrop for the pictures is the dark motive. It' s very easy, but meticulously designed: it contains Gear, Speaking and Hype category. There is another side rail at the bottom of the page to help you scroll through the pictures. Use the Call to Action buttons below to scroll through the gallery.

This website is built on a page header that facilitates navigating while the middle of the page is taken up by a flow of contents. AhSheGlows would like to invite you into the wonderful universe of healthful vegetarian nutrition. Offering many white spaces, this easy topic does not detract from your primary objective - selecting and trying out the best vegetarian cuisine.

Solid lumps of text are compensated by large and nice photographs. On his WordPress page Skift Rafat Ali claimed to define the futures of touring. State-of-the-art, tailor-made topics do not in the least conflict with this statement. You can also publish your own messages using a specific message submission tool. Please let us know in the commentary if you like other WordPress-based sites!

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