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Female bands from the Minneapolis area. Hear music from The Blue Up? like Breathe You Out and Capture This. Browse the latest tracks, albums and pictures from The Blue Up?

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And The Blue Up? Biography & History

Blue Up? was founded in the mid 80's in Minneapolis and is made up of singer/guitarist Rachael, bass player Carolyn Rush and drum player Renee Bracchi. Alternate dance-pop group started to play in the area and was named best new band by Minneapolis' First Avenue club. But Rush left Rachael shortly after and developed a conceptual record called Introducing Sorrow.

Published on the Catacombs record labels in 1992, the record won many conversions around Minneapolis, among them Bobby Z., the original percussionist of Prince's The Revolution group. Spool Forka Dish, the second Blue Up? record made for Columbia in 1995.

Forka Bowl Blue Up Coil

I' ve used this record without ever hearing it, and I was so enchanted by the sounds. a little folkloristic at times, a little rocky, a little moody. Francesca Lia Block book lovers might like that here. That's what I can think Weetzie Bat could be sounding like Put or Musik. The linernotes provide a jigsaw among the texts, and the last song on the record is actually the whole record backwards!

One of the lost records of the middle of the 90's, I'm always sorry that these women didn't make anymore songs together.

Blue Up 1985-1986 from demonstration tapes

Blue Up is pretty much the only volume I've ever provided my base play to. No very good on low end, I just wanted to see how the bands would go on, so I came up with a plan to get out of Minnesota this winter - I would go on a Southern & California trip if it was okay with Rachel Olson, the band's boss.

It was a great experience to help The Blue Up bring out their first 45 "We Are The Garden" & 12? EP "Now! Grant Hart produces it and licenses it to the Still Sane Labels for publication in Germany. It was a real pleasure to hang out with Carolyn Rush, Renee Bracci, Sally Sweet & Rachel.

She was a clever cook, Rachel, so she turned me down. Well, another wintry season in Minnesota that I had to put up with, and the bands got into an early break. Of course they got up again and did some unforgettable gigs, published the great CD "Cake & √Čat It" & "Spool Forka Dish" before Rachel Ana Voog became the soloist.

It was also this meeting that created two tracks for the band's first 45 tracks. "Lady Next Door" was filmed in 1986 by Grant Hart at Nicollet Studios. From this nine-part lesson came five tracks for the "Now! Thank you to Ana Voog for the approval to release these tracks - I met her last summers and she did great!

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