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Story about four animal figures trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to each other. "I think the Bridge program is one of the most advanced training programs in our industry. Bridging is a tale about four animals trying to bridge a bridge, but ending up as barriers to each other.

Bridging is a tale about four animals trying to bridge a bridge, but ending up as barriers to each other. Behind this tale, morality is about how there are often differences of opinion or competitive lives, and about the possible consequences of proudness, obstinacy, and compromises.

Interested in how we made that movie?

Interested in how we made that movie? Take a look at our Making-Of, "the journeyney behind Le Gouffre"! The Gouffre is the first motion picture shorts filmed and staged by Lightning Boy Studio, a young artistic crew from Montreal. This movie recounts the tale of two vivacious travellers who, on their travels, encounter an unbelievably large gulf and choose to construct a bridge to traverse it.

A lot of people were amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the small group of three entertainers who spend more than two full years making the 10-minute work. Le Gouffre has been chosen at more than 60 festival around the globe and has won nine prizes, four of them for "Best Animated Short".

Founded in 2012, out of a common love, Lichning Boy Studio was founded to tell great tales. In 2009, the three founding members gathered at the animation academy and since then have been dreaming of working together on their own joint work. The Gouffre is the outcome of their first cooperation.

They are now working on a new concept for an interactive movie and are looking for sponsors and sponsors to participate in this exciting game.

Main advantages of "The Bridge" programme for those taking part

"I think the Bridge programme is one of the most advanced trainings programs in our business. This enables the studio to nurture talents as needed and offer a rapid programme of personal growth to students. I can say in a few brief month of the programme that the evolution of candidate between graduates and seasoned industrial experts was unbelievable and I would readily see the bridge learning as a clear benefit in the recruitment of new people.

The Bridge is an 8-week program that seeks to host students and make them "industry ready" by providing them with the corporate cultural expertise and the anticipation of delivering results. Bridge attendees then "fit" into a recording studios setting more quickly and start producing commercials more quickly.

Bridge Program attendees will stay in studio accommodation for 8 week and get on-the-job instruction. Students must be either animation, games and VFX related course attendees or older attendees who are not currently working and trying to enter the business.

Among the stadiums that have participated in the Bridge program in recent years are Brown Bag Films, Havok, Riot Games, Jam Media, Piranhabar, Windmill Lane SFX, Treehouse Republic, Zink Films, Pink Kong Stadiums, Giant Animation, Egg Post Production, StoryToys, GLUE SFX, Fungus Sports, Igloo Animation and Visual. So far, the Bridge has been a very popular program, with over 80% of Bridge attendees securing full-time or contracted work in the animation, video, gaming and related sectors, while others continue to study at the third tier.

Watch our 2014 Bridge program demonstration movie here: Students will either be accommodated in the participant suites or receive 8 week long study spaces in a GEC business setting. Students will work on life project that will be managed and supported by recording pros (example from Bridge Program 2013 - Brown Bag Films shortfilm named Anya").

During the 8-week period (40 days), students may stay on benefits, but must obtain the prior consent of their local authorities. Additionally, students are awarded a face value scholarship to help defray costs during the 8 week period. "To be in the gym, to work with pros, and to be handled as another pro with appointments and conventions that need to be adhered to, lets you prosper.

Personally, I can say that I have really learned how the pipelines work in a business and I know that I will adapt quickly in any recording environment. I' ve got a foretaste of what everyday is like in a recording room and I have the feeling that I have a real recording environment under my roof. "Naiara Mixtelena, a former bridge member who now works as an entertainer at Jam Media.

You can include your own students in the student recruitment procedure. Libraries are given the possibility to safely and securely test and verify possible new hires. Students can work on advancing the studios' project during the 8 week period. Even the recording room and other recording room employees can profit from the course at no surcharge.

"The Piranha Bar is pleased to have been part of the Bridge program this year. What we had asked ourselves was whether we could take four very young performers with little or no practice and educate them so that within a few week's time they could work successfully in a particular part of the Visual Arts pipelines.

We were able to respond to this unanswered request with a smashing yes, with great enthousiasm from the attendees and under the direction of the team. We like the program because it allows both sides to profit from the placement of applicants who are looking for low cost or non funded project work. The novel combination of performers and recording facilities offers great possibilities for both sides, and we are hopeful that the program will make a contribution to the sector in the years to come.

"We see a clear benefit, two years after the program started, both for the businesses that are looking for talents and for those that are looking for the necessary expertise to lay the foundation for a rewarding future as well. It is a crucial period for Ireland's animation industries where the possibilities are enormous.

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