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"Portfoliofragen" (#469370) / Qode Issues

Hello Qode Agent, I worked with the bridge topic and built the "One Page" website. Got some portfolio page issues I need some help with: 2 ) I will make the other "title page", which will be the same layout page I have now, but only with China text/content.

Also, I realize that if I have 2 pages of the same page with different language for each portfolio, the bridge will display all of them on my front page as well. There' s nothing like "Qode Sliders" or "Qode Carousels" that I can use to split portfolio pages into "Groups" and create Visual Composer options.

I can have the English cover page with the English portfolio page and the Chinese cover page has the Chinese portfolio page. Could you please help me with this problem? Simply enter a portfolio type, go to Portfolio -> Open each portfolio element you have and click on the right side under Categories to create a new portfolio.

Make a new catagory named Englisch, and append it to all your portfolio item in Englisch, and if you then make it for those in Chinese, append all those item catagories to Chinese. Then, if you are creating your pages with Visual Composer and use the Portfolioist item, you can configure it to display only single categories, so for your German page, configure this Portfolioist to display only single categories, and the same for the Chinese page.

Sincerely, Sincerely, Thank you, Qode Agent 5. - That \ "portfolio navigation background\" was handled well, I like it. - It''s a perfect \"Portfolio Category Tip\" for my German and China pages. 1 ) After setting myself up with Englisch & China Category for my portfolio, I found out that if you look at either the last British portfolio page or the first China portfolio page.

It has a navigational arrows that leads directly to the portfolio page of another language. Does this mean that if I decide on the \ "Show Category\" on my cover page for my portfolio section in the near term, all sections will be displayed (both German and Chinese)? This way I can have neat contents for either the British or Mandarin side.

hello wily, 1. yes, that's because the individual page portfolio guidance guides you through all elements. To fix this, you need to make some changes to your themes loops, especially you need to edit portfolio loops. phi (this is located in the themes directory -> temps -> portfolio-loop.phi).

Pick this attachment, copy all the source from it, and substitute the available source in the portfolio queue. Phil with this one from the attachment. To keep these changes when you upgrade your design, you can add the children's topic (you have a bridge kid. zip on your download page on ThemeForest, you need to add it just like a normal design and then copy this portfolio log into your children's topic directory and keep the same directory location -> templates-> portfolio-loop.php).

But if it's too much for you and you don't want to use the sub-topic mechanisms, just substitute this in the portfolio tree. Phil every times you upgrade your topic. Sincerely yours, best regards, Hi Qode Agent 5, excuse me for taking a while to respond. 2) Problem with the portfolio category filter:

When I turned on the "Filter\" on my front page, I asked if there was a way to prevent my front page from showing the " "Category-Chinese Portfolio\"" (and vice versa the title page) in German? Now I have another problem. Only shows \"ALL" at the top of the portfolio pictures after I've turned on "Filter", it doesn't show all the categories I have.

Changing the portfoliooloop. php should do the work, we tried it in our own locale. Sincerely, Sincerely, Hi Willy, Yes, I can see that you already have the right portfolio loops here. Phil - but the trouble is that you have multiple class assignments to each portfolio!

It was just an intention to have two catagories -> British and Mandarin Portfolio. Therefore, the loops do not know how to move to the next element. I' ve added some JavaScript customized in Qode Options -> General -> Customizing JS to re-route your company name to the China homepage if you are on the China page first.

Sincerely yours, Sincerely yours, Hi Qode Agent 5, thanks for your individual coding to fix the problem with the headers emblem. 1 ) Portfolio loan issue: I' ve divided all my portfolio into only 2 classes, English & Chinese portfolio and the portfolio soloop. Phil seems to work, but the white area still appears under the navigational arrow.

Please find the picture beforehand - KlowStudio. com_ website issue 20150704. jpg ) How can I delete it? 2) Problem with the portfolio category filter: Cause of the portfolio loop problem, I can only have two classes. Meaning that I won't be able to use the category filter feature from the bridge topic?

I' m not sure how tags will help me categorise my entire portfolio on my website? Is there a way to display all of my website's content in the same way as before (branding, logo, interior design, etc.) and without a categorical filtering? Perhaps the best thing would be to do what you have said -> all Englisch_portfolio to have all englisch_portfolio classes, all China_portfolio classes, and all China_portfolio classes, and to display all elements, but to display all elements (or you don't even have to display all, only one number that best fits you on the homepage, but the user will be able to browse between all of them once he joins the one, and bow will work well, so he will browse through all China_portfolio classes, and all China_portfolio classes, and all elements.

Sincerely yours, Sincerely yours, Hi Qode Agent 5, Thanks for your while for all the customized stuff for me! Another question: Is there a way to display text \"Previous\" to the right of the cursor and \"Next\" to the right of the cursor on the portfolio page?

There is nowhere I can find to put this in Bridge. I' m still researching other bridge functions that I can include on my website and am happy to have your help for any problems in the near term. After that you just have to do this in Qode Options -> General -> Custom CSS to customize it a bit:

Car; Yours sincerely, Yours sincerely, Hi Qode Agent 5, I have done it and it all works well! Having disabled the \ "Ajax Animation\" (Qode Options -> Page transition and set NO animation) which helps my English-Chinese homepage to display the correct English/Chinese menu, it works fine.

However, when visitors look at my portfolio pages on the China homepage. It is still displayed with English and not with China menus. Can you please visit my homepage and choose one of the portfolio pages) Can you please help me resolve this problem? Sincerely, Hello again Willy, Unfortunately the plug-in you used earlier to have a different menue on the pages doesn't work for portfolio post.

There' no way for me to give you a customized script to do this: You can try looking for another plug-in on-line, similar to this one that allows you to select the menus for postings and customized mail items such as portfolio postings. Sincerely yours, Sincerely yours, Hi Qode Agent 5, Thank you for your answer and wish you a pleasant New Year.

Accepting your advice, I began looking for another plug-in for \"another page menu\" to substitute for the one I'm using, and I found this plug-in named it \"conditional menus\". My problem has been resolved and it is free of charge. yeh! They had helped me with the customized programming to fix this problem on my China homepage, which will associate this headers logotype with the China homepage when the visitor visits the China homepage.

Now I have the same problem with all Chinese portfolio pages and there is still a shortcut to the English homepage after I have used this new plug-in. Please note my Chinese homepage and choose one of the portfolio pages. Can you please help me create a hyperlink with the Chinese homepage heading to the Chinese homepage in all Chinese portfolio pages?

You' re also helping me with the problem with the white section of my portfolio pages. I' ve just learned that this problem still occurs when I look at my website with my cell phones. Sincerely, hello again Willy, 1. That's done, I've extended this JavaScript for all your recent individual portfolio pages in Chinese :)

If you sometimes want to insert new portfolio entries in Chinese, please contact me so I can insert them into this JavaScript. A few csss that I texted you before were not actually sent to portable gadgets, so I added extra cascading codes in Qode Options -> General -> Custom cascading, so it now affects cell phones just as it does on a computer.

Sincerely yours, Sincerely yours, Hi Qode Agent 5, How are you? This is the latest fix to my web problem, the white spaces problem is corrected when I started using my mobile device but it still came out when I tried using Safari in iPad & iPhone. I' ve also tried to use the iPad's chart browsing application and the \"White Space\" that can still be seen on my English-Chinese portfolio pages.

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